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ACE Interactive

Zytronic develops advanced touch sensor solution for Gaming Equipment Innovator


Zytronic has applied its in-house glass processing capabilities and ZYBRID® PCT™-based touch sensors to enable ACE Interactive, a subsidiary of Aristocrat Leisure Ltd, to create the Indago™ video lottery terminal for increased interactivity and excitement in lottery and casino games.

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Key information

Indago™ uses an innovative dual 22″ widescreen display to enhance the appearance and increase the playing features of modern game terminals. The upper screen captures attention and shows the state of play with stunning visual effects, while the lower touch-enabled screen allows each player to select and play a variety of games. The front panel is designed and manufactured as a single piece of toughened glass for easy integration.

Utilising ZYBRID’s® customisation options, ACE Interactive was able to design a unique printed and bezel free user interface, with discrete touch-sensitive and non-touch zones. The unparalleled level of durability offered by PCT™ in comparison with other available touch sensing technologies, allowed ACE Interactive to confidently offer customers a low maintenance, reliable touch controlled unit for use in a wide variety of public areas.

“Zytronic has fulfilled our entire requirement for the Indago™ front panel, as a one-stop solution comprising many highly advanced concepts. Its overall quality also helped us to meet important acceptance criteria, such as EU emissions, immunity and safety standards.”


Michael Koch, CEO of ACE Interactive

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Zytronic develops advanced touch sensor solution for Gaming Equipment Innovator