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ZYBRID® Touch Sensors Utilised in State-Of-The-Art Systems For Commercial Media Opportunities


Zytronic’s world-beating Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™)-based touch sensing technology was chosen to enable interactive functionality to a heavy duty application that would not have been possible using more traditional touchscreen technologies. In 2009, Zytronic announced that Taiwanese applied computing giant, Advantech, would incorporate the fully customisable ZYBRID® touch sensor into its Digital Signage Interactive Station.

Advantech interactive digital signage station

Key Information

The design brief from Advantech was to provide a rugged, public-use touch sensor with a screen printed border and the capability to be flush mounted – and Zytronic’s product developers rose to the challenge successfully.

The Digital Signage Interactive Station has been designed to be employed in a broad range of different public environments which include; hotels, conference centres, retail areas, cinemas, exhibitions, and museums.

The high definition LCD screens integrated into each of these stations give users bright, high resolution, and visually stunning images to enjoy. Each of the stations feature a 42-inch ZYBRID® touchscreen, enabling advertisers to engage with consumers at a personal level using compelling, interactive digital media, rather than presenting information in a far less interesting, one-way, passive style.

The ZYBRID® which is based on Zytronic’s patented PCT provides high performance touch functionality without affecting the clearness of the display when in operation. It is ideal for public access applications both indoor and outdoor environments offering unlimited touch life, a far greater operating lifespan and guards against expensive maintenance.

The PCT technology provides the digital signage systems with high performance touchscreen functionality and enables a smooth and sleek cutting edge design which is more appealing to users.

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