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Fast charging stations for electric vehicles incorporate Zytronic touch technology

Robust EV charging in any weather


Zytronic’s touch technology helps Circontrol ensure its new generation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations operate 24/7. We look at why Zytronic’s touch technology was chosen and the benefits it provides for the end user.

Key Information

One of the main obstacles for EV adoption is anxiety, range and the difficulty of making long trips. A possible solution is the use of charging stations that recharge the car’s battery in around half an hour. Additionally, according to some studies, drivers will start switching to EVs when they know there’s a charger at least every 75 miles of driving. It is essential, therefore, that rapid charging points are readily available in city streets, service stations, shopping centres and taxi ranks.

EV charging stations must be robust enough to work in any weather, all year round, and provide an easy to use, customer friendly interface. In addition to maximum reliability, as with any self-service kiosk, the interactive display has to be sunlight readable and vandal resistant.

Headquartered in Viladecavalls near Barcelona, Circontrol’s emobility division manufactures a wide range of EV charging stations, including domestic chargers, slow chargers (AC) and quick chargers (DC). When evaluating options for the touch screen on its third-generation DC Raption 50 quick chargers, Circontrol approached touchscreen solutions specialist, Iberhermes.

“A key attribute to our Raption series is its ease of use, and being installed in mainly outdoor, unattended locations, we had to select components that would continue to deliver that usability, whatever the weather,” says Victor Hernando, Product Manager of Circontrol. In addition, Circontrol wanted to create a unique look for its Raption charger.

Iberhermes has a long relationship with Circontrol and had no hesitation in recommending Zytronic’s touch technology in this application as its reliability has been proven in similar self-service applications worldwide. In partnership with Iberhermes, Zytronic designed a bespoke, printed touchscreen that incorporates UV and IR filters to aid thermal management of the charging terminal and to help protect the underlying display. To aid daylight readability of the display, the solution selected was a custom printed anti-glare glass 8.5” Zybrid® touch sensor. This is paired with a ZXY110 controller for its innovative EMI ‘noise’ immunity technology and gestural functionality.


The new units can complete an 80% charge in 30 minutes with simultaneous charging for two electric vehicles at 50kW DC and 43kW AC. Further options are available by using the RFID card reader, including secure charging connector holsters and a light for better visibility at night or in inclement weather. The height and location of the display and connectors have been carefully considered to ensure easy access and viewability for all, including disabled users.

Zytronic’s partnership with Iberhermes is based on the ability to design and manufacture touchscreens precisely to the brief of each project, irrespective of the quantity required, and to deliver them exactly when needed. This total flexibility, coupled with the proven durability and reliability of its touch technology even in the most demanding unattended and self-service applications, has led to this, and similar, innovative solutions increasingly being seen in streets today.

“Zytronic’s unique touch technology ticked all the boxes in this respect. We are very proud of our new generation of chargers, which offer a contemporary, slim design that makes them ideal for modern city deployments worldwide,”

Victor Hernando, Product Manager of Circontrol

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