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Citybeacon selects Zytronic to create ‘Smart City’ hubs in The Netherlands


Zytronic and Citybeacon announced the deployment of 25 interactive kiosks in Eindhoven, cradle of Dutch technology giant Philips, and of the Eindhoven University of Technology, one of the world’s leading technical universities.

Zyntronic and Citybeacon interactive kiosk in Eindhoven

Key information

Eindhoven is an energetic and innovative city located in the South of the Netherlands. A quarter of the jobs in the region are in technology and ICT, and it is one of the co-location centres of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). It has welcomed the very first deployment of Citybeacon kiosks.

Working closely with OCP Solutions, developers of public outdoor communication products, Citybeacon was designed to help make cities smarter. “Blending state-of-the-art connectivity with intuitive touch screens enables visitors and residents to access relevant information about the city and local businesses, and experience their surroundings,” said Marius van Lith, CEO of OCP Solutions B.V. “We’re enabling cities to become smarter by combining a range of technologies that are scalable for the future in one unit, and the key to interacting with users is through a rugged 32” touch screen. The user experience is very important, and it was vital that the interface would provide a reliable all-weather, responsive and durable solution that reflected the qualities of Citybeacon. Zytronic’s local partner, Telerex, supported us with the selection of components, and recommended their ZYFILM® interactive foil for the touch solution.”

Telerex arranged for samples of the rollable ZYFILM, s a flexible, polyester touch film incorporating their patented multitouch technology, and is designed to be laminated to the rear surface of a rigid transparent substrate. Once applied, it is capable of detecting up to 40 simultaneous touch points through an overlay of  10mm thick or more.

The Citybeacon features a 32” ZYFILM based touch display , enabling easy access to local information, ,and directions  The system also incorporates NFC, RFID, and Bluetooth based payment and mobile hand-off technologies so users can take advantage of  local services such as parking and carry information to and from the kiosk. Two double sided integrated large advertising screens at the top of the unit also share information such as public service announcements and local business promotions. Air quality, UV and audience sensors provide advanced analytic data, while energy saving smart lighting adjusts to current conditions, and cameras allow public spaces to be monitored. Microphone and camera enabled full VOIP communication connects with emergency services, and free Gigabit WiFi and small cell 4G and 5G ready antennas improve coverage and connection for the sharing of information. To round things off, users can also download a free mobile app which allows users to carry the Citybeacon experience with them.

“The rollable ZYFILM, are inexpensive and easy to transport, plus once laminated to glass are stable and reliable in a wide range of environmental conditions, performing well through the locally sourced toughened glass substrates which are used to protect against potential vandalism. The initial design of the 32” ZYFILM was altered slightly to integrate fully with the design, electronics and placement of buttons within the unit, which was possible thanks to Zytronic’s highly flexible manufacturing process.”

Bertram Padmos, Account Manager at Telerex

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