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The Coca-Cola Company

Zytronic partners with The Coca-Cola Company™ on new Beverage Dispensing Platform


Zytronic has been chosen by The Coca-Cola Company™ to supply the touch panel for its proprietary Coca-Cola Freestyle™ beverage dispenser. The dispenser utilizes innovative technology to dispense more than 100 different branded sparkling and still beverages from a single freestanding unit. The Coca-Cola Freestyle™ dispensers will incorporate a ZYBRID® customised touch sensor, which uses Zytronic’s patented Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™), as the consumer and crew interface. It also enables the dispenser to share product information via a bright 15.1” display,and to gather important consumer choice data with the aid of an intuitively designed graphical user interface (GUI).

3 Zytronic touch screen Coca-cola machines

With Coca-Cola Freestyle™, the touch display is mounted behind a moulded acrylic full-front facia that can be wiped clean. Uniquely, ZYBRID® sensors are able to work through this overlying material enabling a sleek design without the need for a display bezel, which is stylish, hygienic and functional.

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