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Large Format Multi-Touch Screens Incorporated into DisplayLite Touch Tables


UK based touch screen integrator DisplayLite have chosen Zytronic as their touch technology manufacturer of choice to provide innovative multiple user projected capacitive touch sensors for a new range of ‘Zero Bezel’ multi-touch tables. The new DisplayLite 46 and 55” units are targeted at showrooms, boardrooms, banks, retail and leisure environments.  The compact, slim table features an attractive smooth, all glass fronted design, free of unsightly bezel structures or frames.

Displaylite touchscreen

Key information

The multi-touch projected capacitance based sensor created for the range of touch tables is made from 4mm thermally toughened glass with a custom printed black border. The inherent ruggedness of the multi-touch sensors makes them highly suited to public use and self-service deployments. Thanks to their unique construction, they have strong resilience to severe impacts, scratches, liquid spillages and harsh cleaning chemicals – a huge advantage to vendors who will feature the product is unattended, demanding public access environments.

Furthermore, the risk of accidental or ‘false’ touches created by a user leaning across or resting an arm on the table is minimised. Zytronic’s multi-touch technology, supported by proprietary ZXY200 /300 touch controllers, and feature advanced ‘palm rejection’ firmware – enabling the touchscreens to ignore anomalous, large touch points.

“What proved crucial for us was the ability of Zytronic’s touch solution to ignore the permanent touch points caused by objects being put on a table and allowing users to keep their hands free for operating the user interface. Other touch sensing technologies register these false touches, which affects system performance. ”

Simon Perry, Director at DisplayLite.

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