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ebebek, Turkey’s leading mother and baby product retailer and Istanbul-based digital retail specialist Phygital Mind have selected Zytronic durable, high performance Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™ and MPCT™) touch sensors to form the in-store front end of a major ‘clicks-to-bricks’ project in 116 stores, rising to 132 by the end of 2018. The interactive kiosk in each store is central to a completely new concept for the customer journey created by Phygital Mind for ebebek, fully integrating e-commerce with assisted sale and endless aisle.

ebebek touchscreen

Key Information

ebebek was founded 17 years ago to provide the information, service and friendship for expecting and new parents that covers all the needs of a mother and baby from pre-birth to 4 years of age. Babyology is the business philosophy and manifesto of ebebek. ebebek defines its staff as babyologists who are there to share their expertise and interest and as ‘B-parents’ share parents desire to get the best for baby. The ebebek model was later extended online with, Turkey’s first online store for baby products. Following the success of the internet site, ebebek and Phygital Mind resolved to fully integrate the unique in-store experience with the strong Internet presence.

Asli Kubilay, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Phygital Mind, said, “ebebek is already exceptional in the level and quality of information it provides to customers who visit its stores, in particular through its trained and committed team of Babyologists. We made this experience central to our thinking, providing interactive terminals throughout the store that both support Babyologists in guiding customers through the full ebebek range and allow shoppers to browse independently. We are empowering the associate as well as equipping the customer.”

The Zytronic MPCT multitouch sensors offer an intuitive experience including pinch, zoom and rotate functionality. They have been configured to recognise up to 40 simultaneous touches allowing Babyologists and customers to use them together, or groups of customers to share the experience. Each ebebek store has a 32” kiosk which allows a customer’s details and interests to be recorded even if no sale is made. The entire sale process can be completed at the terminal, including scanning of products selected in the physical store, ordering additional products for home delivery and payment. Customers can also check-out on their phones.

“ebebek stands alongside the expectant and new parent at every stage of their journey – offering trusted and friendly advice from babyologists instore alongside the speed and convenience of the online channel. Interactive kiosks with Zytronic touch screens have brought these two experiences together. Babyologists can guide customers to the best choice from our full range whether or not it is physically present in store, and place and fulfil the order in the way that best suits the individual customer.”

Alper Tekin, IT Director at ebebek

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