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Zytronic develops advanced touch sensor solution for Gaming Equipment Innovator


Diamond rings may bring luck to players – but not to console touchscreens. Zytronic enables durable touch technology to withstand good luck traditions

Three Global Monitor slot machines using Zytronic PCT technology

Key information

The ritual of kissing your diamond ring and touching it to the display before you play is thought to bring luck to slot machine players in some countries – but doesn’t do much for the touchscreens on the games. Global Monitor, Mexico’s leading specialist supplier of screens to the casino game cabinet industry, has standardised on 23” Zytronic Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™) touch screens for game manufacturer International Gold Club, to overcome an issue with scratched touchscreens.

Global Monitor specialises in the development and integration of touch displays for Mexico’s top five casino organisations, supplying screens, associated components and digital signage technologies. Faced with this issue, International Gold Club sought help from Ramirez who decided to look beyond his traditional supplier base, and identified Zytronic PCT touch sensors as a good alternative that would overcome the issue. Zytronic sensors sit behind a 4mm thick toughened glass panel and are thus unaffected by on-screen scratches.

Women in Mexico often kiss their diamond rings and touch them to the screens for luck. This tradition was quickly scratching the surface capacitive touch sensors and causing them to fail, Over the last six months, we have installed over 300 screens with Zytronic PCT touch overlays. The technology is extremely fast and accurate, and best of all we’ve had no failures due to scratches. Zytronic technology has provided a durable and reliable solution that allows players to continue their beloved ritual.


Juan Manuel Sanchez Ramirez, Global Monitor

ACE Interactive

Zytronic develops advanced touch sensor solution for Gaming Equipment Innovator


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