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Reliable, rugged and clean ZYTOUCH® wins medical design-in


In 2003, Zytronic supplied its ZYTOUCH® touchscreen technology to medical devices and software company, K2 Medical Systems, which sought a rugged and cleanable solution for its latest K2MS Platform™ Medical Grade Integrated Panel PC which is a bedside terminal that allows patient data to be called up quickly and easily across a network. ZYTOUCH® beat competing touchscreen technologies through its enhanced resistance to damage and bacterial contamination, and for its sustained accuracy throughout the service lifetime.

ZYTOUCH technology on K2MS medical unit platforms

Key information

Zytronic’s projected capacitive touchscreen technology delivers the traditional advantages of a capacitive touchscreen but is tougher, has a wipe-clean surface that is resistant to chemicals or cleaning methods and is easier to use. Additionally, the K2 Medical system requires no re-calibration, which is a huge benefit to healthcare centres and many other groups whom downtime, whether planned or unplanned, is a significant inconvenience. In fact, the sensor has no known wear out mechanism, and meantime before failure for the controller is in excess of 1 million hours.

The Platform is particularly advantageous for those hospitals that do not have one-to-one midwifery care. For example, a midwife may be in a room with one patient, and at the same time, be able to view information about two to three other patients. Similarly, doctors on call may dial up and access the information from a home PC, meaning that if they are called, they can make an on-the-spot decision as to whether or not it is necessary for them to go and visit the patient. The K2MS Platform is not limited to use just with foetal monitors. It could also be used for neo-natal intensive care, cardiology and anaesthesiology.

“Touchscreens make advanced technology easy to use and accessible to all staff, even those with little or no PC training, which is essential in modern healthcare. But this environment imposes very specific demands. Touchscreens must be easy to keep clinically clean, offer good light transmission with no glare, and must be strong enough to pass medical device standards, which include a 2-inch steel ball drop test. Zytronic’s ZYTOUCH® touch technology delivered and surpassed all of these criteria”

Dr. Robert Keith, Technical Director, K2 Medical Systems

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