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Drive-through customers treated to massive, outdoor self service touchscreen menu courtesy of Zytronic’s powerful ZYTOUCH® sensor


Zytronic’s patented Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™) enjoys continued success due to its versatile appeal and dependable performance whatever the environment. Delivering convenience and intuitive-controls in efficient, customisable formats; the power of touch screens lie in their ability to make technology accessible to everyone and are now an essential feature that immediately enhances human-machine interactivity (HMI) within a vast array of industries.

Zytronic touch screen technology on a Subway drive through kiosk

Key Information

The development of the Way2Order™ drive-thru kiosks is a prime example of how Zytronic excel in the provision of individual touch screen solutions that outperform in any given environment to match the exact requirements of the user. As a drive-through restaurant, customer convenience is of paramount importance. Fitted with Zytronic’s superbly designed ZYTOUCH® sensor, the Way2Order™ self service touchscreen kiosk displays an impressive interactive, easy to use 32″ touch screen. Exposed to the daily rigours of public use, the robust, weather and scratch-resistant design reliably speeds ordering times, while boosting the accuracy of the orders that are placed.

Initially developed by Manufacturing Resources International (MRI), the ruggedized self-service kiosk integrates the Zytronic’s touch screen technology to produce a finished result that benefits from an impeccable performance unaffected by outdoor conditions that can present dust, rainwater and dirt; perfect for public use it can also be operated effectively with a gloved hand. As another advantage, specific to the touch screen’s intended use, the durable ZYTOUCH® sensor maximises brightness of the large, LCD, and works with the kiosks graphical user interface (GUI) software to adjust the position of the menu icons, placing them within easy reach of the drivers’ fingertips, whether they are sitting in a tall SUV or a low slung sports car.

The key to PCT’s abounding success lies in its array of capabilities. It delivers drift-free operation requiring no periodic recalibration and with highly developed Z-axis sensitivity control, PCT™ technology is sensitive enough to detect touch through substantial thicknesses of cover glass. This feature has enabled MRI to customise the product appropriately, adding 6mm of tempered glass to the front of the Way2Order™ kiosk, for even greater protection against any accidental or deliberate damage. Zytronic’s touch screen interfaces are also highly resistant to temperature variation and its laminated construction protects the LCD behind from UV light degradation – an issue with outdoor displays.

“ZYTOUCH provided the ideal touch solution for our kiosk, as its inherently high light transmission ensures that the maximum brightness reaches the user so that the graphical display can be seen clearly, even in direct sunlight, and still provides reliable and accurate touch response through a thick glass overlay. ZYTOUCH® was the only touch solution that offered the combination of complete form/factor flexibility and proven performance in all environments and locations.”

Peter Kaszycki, VP Business Development, MRI, Inc.


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