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Zytronic’s Touch Sensors Prove Their Worth as a Versatile Application within Bicycle Rental Stations


Zytronic’s unique Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™) arrived in the thriving capital city of London, operating as part of the BIXI system, which exists as a series of outdoor bicycle rental stations owned by the Canadian based Public Bike System Company.

A Zytronic technology bixi bike kiosk at King's cross

Key Information

The stations are installed with Zytronic’s specially designed 12.8″version of the customisable ZYBRID®, which is used in conjunction with ZXY100, a high-performance touch controller. The key features of the ZXY100 include strong through-glass performance, providing faster touch detection, so that the user is met with the ease of an instant, precise performance.

Projective Capacitive Technology can be designed without need for a bezel or frame and can therefore be implemented in appealing smooth-fronted designs, perfect for the public use of the BIXI System. The BIXI units benefit from a protective overlay of 6mm thick toughened glass. This creates a quicker touch response and improved accuracy, as well as enhancing the through-glass performance, so that the touchscreen’s functionality reliably performs in all outdoor conditions.

“We have been greatly impressed with the PCT-based sensors from Zytronic, as well as the high level of support provided by its engineer team. “This has allowed us to have total confidence that the BIXI renting stations we have deployed will remain in action with minimal requirements for continued repair or maintenance.”

Christian Vermette, Operation Vice-president, Public Bike System Company

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