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Tokheim’s convenient PCI compliant self-payment systems at forecourts made effortless with Zytronic’s ZYTOUCH® Touchscreen Technology


Zytronic made an impression and was selected to supply its inventive ZYTOUCH® touchscreen technology to Tokheim, the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic and mechanical petroleum dispensing systems, for its customer, Pay@ Pump terminals.

Customer using touch screen system at Tolkheim petrol station

Key information

The OPTimum iQ™ range allowed motorists to interact directly with the 6.4″ ZYTOUCH® unit, so they could benefit from an efficient, secure payment process, where they could quickly complete their own transactions. Using their debit and credit cards, fuel cardholders could take advantage of the conveniently placed PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant terminals, entering their vehicle registration and mileage to save valuable time as they experienced an advanced, streamlined service.

Zytronic’s ruggedized, weather resistant sensors and exceptional levels of performance made them forefront runners in the selection process, as Tokheim discarded alternative touchscreen technologies. A standout feature of the ZYTOUCH® is its massive impact resistance, which is pivotal to each unit’s longevity, as it is exposed to constant use in an outdoor, public environment. Furthermore, the interfaces incorporating ZYTOUCH® screens reliably stand up against extreme temperature variations, accidental or malicious damage and surface degradation caused by chemicals, for example.

With inherently high levels of light transmission, which can be enhanced further through customisation and the addition of anti-glare and anti-reflective layers, ZYTOUCH® enables that displays to be read even in direct sunlight. The unique projected capacitive sensing technology (PCT™), developed exclusively by Zytronic contains the active component of the sensor, encapsulated within a multi-layer laminated substrate, further enhancing impact resistance – crucial in the outdoor forecourt deployed Tokheim terminals.

An important feature offered by PCT sensors are their exceptionally high levels of “Z” axis or depth sensitivity, which can be tuned by the user to suit the application requirements. In the case of the Tokheim deployment, this was important as the screens could be set to provide accurate touch detection even when the customer is wearing gloves.

To date, Tokheim have deployed several thousand Zytronic touch sensors in their PCI compliant secure payment terminals, proving the technology’s value to the self-service and POS industry.


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