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Large Format Multi Touch MPCT™ Sensor Incorporated into Touch Table Solution for Leisure Industry


Italian interactive Customer Solution specialists Touchwindow selected Zytronic’s multi-touch projected capacitive touch sensors (MPCT™) for their interactive digital solution in 2014.  The full glass Multi-Touch Table is an elegant, low-profile solution, which was specifically adapted to meet the particular needs of the leisure and hospitality sectors.

A ZYBRID touch sensor implemented onto a touch window interactive table

Key information

The Touchwindow interactive table is aimed at use in hotel lobbies, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, waiting rooms and airport VIP lounges. It supports a wide variety of both entertainment and business-related activities, such as watching film clips, exploring interactive maps, annotating documents, reading newspapers/magazines, and writing, making video calls or browsing the Internet via the multi-touch enabled interface.

When the development process was embarked upon, it was stipulated that the table had to possess a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design, which would complement other furniture found within target environments. Its touch response had to be fast, smooth and extremely natural, with the ability to recognise and react to gestures such as swipes, drag/drops, page flicks, zooms, etc.

To achieve the required level of functionality, each table has been fitted with a 46-inch ZYBRID sensor using Zytronic’s patent pending MPCT™ multi-touch technology. Each touch sensor is linked to a ZXY200 multi-touch controller capable of reporting up to 40 independent simultaneous touch points.

To create a flat, bezel free all-glass fronted solution suitable for unattended public use in strongly lit areas, while maintaining the high end luxury design  Zytronic manufactured the screens with an integrated printed black border using thick, thermally toughened anti-glare glass providing the perfect balance between advanced technology, durability and high end design.

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