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Zytronic showcases its latest player interface developments at G2E 2021

  • 05 October 2021 – 07 October 2021

Zytronic showcases its latest player interface developments at G2E 2021

To ensure players return to slot machines, electronic table games and wagering terminals time and time again, system designers need to provide fast, reliable and engaging interactivity. At this year’s G2E, Zytronic is showcasing two units that combine a variety of engaging and useful features.

The first is a ‘slant top’ concept that combines the company’s recent ElectroglaZ™ innovation with touch interactivity and a novel, non-mechanical glass ‘bash button’. ElectroglaZ™ is a patent-pending technology that allows electrical power to be delivered through a transparent glass panel without wires or cables. It can also be combined with Zytronic’s highly flexible projected capacitive touch sensors, enabling the creation of some truly stunning ‘free floating’ user interface designs. In this case, the custom shaped ElectroglaZ™ panel is used to simultaneously power a 21.5” LCD (transmitting data through a wireless HDMI connection), wireless phone charging pad, USB port and an LED, backlighting a logo printed on the glass. In addition, the touch active display incorporates a transparent, raised glass button to deliver the tactile sensation players desire, but without the reliability and waterproofing issues and complex integration often associated with traditional mechanical ‘bash buttons’.

The second unit is a highly customised ZyBrid® multitouch interactive button deck that features dimples, sliders and a dial/wheel machined into the surface of the glass, providing another level of tactile feedback to players, together with Zytronic’s patent-pending ‘floating’ button technology. Here, power and input/output signals from a transparent mechanical button embedded within the 19.1” stretched, viewable part of the display are transmitted via 10-micron diameter copper electrodes. These near-invisible tracks printed within the touch active area of the touchscreen create a cable-free connection, which delivers a unique and seamless combination of physical and digital interactivity.

Each of these features showcases Zytronic’s decades-long expertise in glass processing and its comprehensive in-house development capabilities – both of which give reassurance to game designers under increasing pressure to create innovative new electronic gaming machines of various types quickly.

“This is the first time we have been able to demonstrate both concept units at an exhibition,” says Ian Crosby, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Zytronic. “They combine a variety of innovative technologies that will enable a range of new player interface designs.”

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