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Zytronic Unveils the Future of Interactive Surfaces at ISE 2024

  • 01 January 1970

Newcastle, UK, December 14, 2023. In the dynamic world of interactive technology, Zytronic redefines the landscape once again at ISE 2024. Visitors to the booth (3T510) will have the chance to interact with Zytronic’s innovative interactive surfaces and gain insights from technical experts to stay on top of cutting-edge technologies and design trends.

The first jewel in Zytronic’s product crown is a truly round interactive table, which redefines coffee breaks and sets the stage for a new era of interactive furniture. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this table incorporates a powerhouse of features unique to Zytronic’s technical capabilities. It integrates two floating induction phone chargers and two floating mechanical buttons around the perimeter area of the display, invisibly powered by the same technology used in Zytronic’s PCAP touch sensor technology. The buttons are independently controlled and are fully data-addressable, enabling designers to deliver a unique hybrid combination of digital and tactile physical interactivity on the display screen.

Zytronic’s second product offering is a 55″ 4K high-brightness LCD interactive table. It integrates the company’s next evolution in PCAP sensor technology, providing advanced optical enhancements and, combined with the high-brightness LCD, offers crystal-clear viewing, even under the glare of high-intensity lights in such environments as retail stores. With stylish legs and a unique hexagon fade graphic print surround, this table is a visual masterpiece – a floating sensor on legs. Its versatility shines through, serving purposes ranging from communal gaming and retail apps to boardroom meetings and museum showcases. The endless possibilities reflect Zytronic’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of interactive table design.

Zytronic interactive round table for playing games, ordering food, and more.

The third entrant in Zytronic’s showcase is a multi-purpose kiosk reminiscent of those found in quick-service restaurants. This design uniquely integrates a display-generated digital PIN entry system whose viewing angle is protected with the incorporation of a louvred privacy filter, similar to what is used in ATM’s and a secure card reader and an NFC reader for contactless payments, demonstrating Zytronic’s ability to blend form and function seamlessly. It is also possible to encrypt the PIN entry system, further enhancing the security aspect of this payment system. Through collaboration with its encryption solution partner, Cryptera, the CryptoTouch PIN-on-Glass technology has international level 5 certification from the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Standards Council and is approved for both online and offline payments.

Modern kiosk design trends emphasise sleek and clean lines, aiming for an uncluttered and visually appealing user interface. As Dr Andrew Morrison, Technical Director, Zytronic, highlights: “Integrating a separate mechanical encrypting PIN pad adds complexity to the design and requires additional metalwork, which inflates production costs. Also, in the current global context, the ease of cleaning and disinfecting mechanical keypads has become a critical requirement, which this design satisfies. We can also address the recent concerns about how touchscreen keypads can be inaccessible for individuals with sight difficulties by incorporating tactile templates that fit over the pad, which are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.”

Zytronic kiosk with integrated payment system.

The common thread running through Zytronic’s product designs is their flexibility and adaptability, providing designers with a blank canvas to create unique and immersive experiences. The company will also show a diverse array of processed glass and sensor designs. These designs showcase its depth of expertise and in-house capabilities in touch-sensing technology and custom glass processing. Tailor-made glass printing allows for intricate patterns, graphics, and branding. In addition, Zytronic’s ingenuity shines through in its glass surface carving capabilities to create tactile joggle-wheel buttons and sliders that offer users a tactile and responsive touch experience.

The exhibition stand will also feature a podium demonstrating how Zytronic’s PCAP touch technology and controller can work through various surfaces beyond glass. With a quadrant of four materials – leather, concrete, wood and Corian® – designers visiting the booth can see how this technology provides them with even greater scope than previously realised to sense touch interaction through different surfaces. This opens up a world of possibilities, encouraging designers to merge different materials for an unsurpassed aesthetic look while offering users a tactile and responsive touch experience.

Zytronic’s showcase at ISE 2024 is not just about unveiling interactive tables; it’s about inspiring a new wave of creativity. From coffee tables that redefine breaks to large format tables that elevate user experiences, Zytronic is at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of interactive design. As the industry evolves, Zytronic’s commitment to innovation and adaptability ensures that the possibilities are only limited by the imagination of designers. The future of interactive surfaces is here and will be on display at Zytronic’s ISE 2024 booth (3T510).

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