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2018: Another industrious year for Zytronic

26 April 2019

It’s been another exciting year at Zytronic, with new product launches, a calendar packed with international events, some fantastic new applications, and innovations to push the boundaries of what is possible with our unique, projected capacitive touchscreen technology.

The New Standard in Touch Technology

Always wanting to push touch sensing to the limit, in January 2018 we did it again with the release of our new family of multi-touch controllers: the ZXY500™ range.

Thanks to our all-new proprietary integrated circuit (ASIC), the ZXY500 controller family features some impressive advancements in touch controller technology. Improvements such as the capability to make ultra-narrow, non-active borders on multi-touch sensors, e.g. less than 10mm on a 55” screen, (that’s half of the current industry norm!).  Additionally, the new technology inside the ZXY500 feature a far higher noise immunity, allowing wireless technologies such as RFID, NFC and Qi phone charging to be used in close proximity to the touch sensor without effecting its performance. Furthermore, this improved noise immunity means that the gap between touch sensor and display can be significantly reduced – improving optical appearance and enabling optical bonding on very large screens for the first time.

And finally, thanks to the ZXY500, Zytronic was able to announce an industry first, with the introduction of physical, electro-mechanical buttons inside the active area of the touch sensor. In fact, Zytronic touch sensors can now accommodate a range of different mechanical controls, from a simple push buttons to tactile dials whose position is detected through the touch sensor.

Zytronic hybrid touch

Showing our Wares around the world

We took to the road (and the skies) in 2018 to show our new ZXY500 technology to the world!

February was a busy month as we exhibited at both ICE Totally gaming, and ISE (Integrated Systems Europe).

At ICE (London) we exhibited our concept gaming unit. An “all in one” unit featuring a curved 55” multitouch sensor, a ground-breaking multifunction and multitouch button deck, and our new “floating” touch dial, all powered by the ZXY500 controller. Discover more

At ISE (Amsterdam), we highlighted the possibility of ultra-narrow boards with a new ZyBrid® touch table and connected upright display, which also highlighted our patent pending object recognition technology. Discover more

In March we again showed off our new touch controller technology at DSE (Digital Signage Expo) in Las Vegas, and we highlighted the possibilities for outdoor digital signage touchscreens with almost no borders.

At the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in October we introduced “HyBrid” touch technology to the Las Vegas show attendees with our newest concept gaming table: a bespoke interactive table, featuring four physical tactile controls located inside the viewing area of the display and the active area of the projected capacitive touch surface. Discover more

Our final exhibition of the year was at the huge Electronica show in Munich, where visitors were treated to the tactile and exceptionally enjoyable gaming table.  While not strictly designed for industrial applications, the table did showcase the various features and benefits that the new ZXY500 controller can offer all applications, in a new and entertaining way, it certainly pulled in the crowds! Discover more

Our Touch Technology in end user applications

2018 was also a landmark year for Zytronic customers, many of whom have implemented Zytronic’s projected capacitive technology, into their own sophisticated applications:

smartLINK’s new GEN3 SmartKiosk™

Outdoor “smart city” display manufacturer smartLINK, utilised Zytronic’s custom multi-touch sensors to power a network of interactive “GEN3 SmartKiosk™” kiosks located in five cities across the United States. The 55-inch and 75-inch ZyBrid® touch sensors operate in all weather conditions and provide an interactive and intuitive platform from which tourists and citizens alike can  learn about the surrounding area, play educational games, take selfies and even contact the police in emergency situations. Discover more

The Santander WorkCafé

Zytronic touch sensors have been used to great effect by Santander bank in Chile to create a one-of-a-kind branch, turning it into a space for relaxing as well as business: half bank and half café.

The WorkCafé’s centre piece is an interactive video wall consisting of four 55” screens presenting information including news, economic statistics, and promotional material. One of these displays features a 55” ZyFilm® touch sensor, operating through a protective toughened glass panel to deliver the tablet-like touch experience. Discover more

eBebeck: Clicks to bricks store.

Turkish mother and baby store, eBebeck, installed 130 interactive kiosks in stores to bridge the gap between in-store and online shopping experiences. Ebebek prides itself on its ability to support its customers at every stage of their parenthood  – offering trusted and friendly advice from their in-store “babyologists”, coupled with the speed, and convenience of the online channel, and with Zytronic’s ZyBrid® multi-touch sensors integrated into interactive kiosks, these two experiences have been brought together successfully. Discover more

ebebek touchscreen

Cryptera: secure, pin-on-glass

Cryptera, a world leader in Secure Payment Technologies, has partnered with Zytronic to develop CryptoTouch®, a new PCI PTS (PIN Transaction Security) compliant solution which allows authenticated payments to be handled completely via the touch screen in ATMs, kiosks and other payment terminals without the need for a separate encrypting mechanical PIN pad (EPP). Discover more

Zytronic and CryptoTouch

SK Telecom and QVOSS create “smart-city” network

Zytronic’s newly launched ZXY500 controller family, has been paramount in the creation of a city-wide network of smart kiosks in Daegu, South Korea’s fourth largest city. The kiosks are part of the city’s disaster management infrastructure, providing public information when a major emergency such as a fire, flood or earthquake occurs, as well as city news and location guidance at other times.

Located outdoors around the city, the performance of the 55” ZyBrid® touch enabled kiosks remain unaffected throughout Deargu’s hot summers (where temperatures average 40°C) and the extreme conditions during the rainy season. Discover more

smart city kiosks installed in Daegu

Kia picks Zytronic for flip functionality

Global car manufacturer Kia have digitised their flagship store in Istanbul to great success – showcasing their vehicles in an exciting way.  43” diagonal touch tables incorporating custom designed Zytronic ZYBRID® multi-touch sensors provide Kia customers with lightening quick touch responses, and pick and flip functionality that transfers content from the tables to 2×2m high definition video walls within the showrooms, giving customers the ability to configure their own car and then view it in near life size. Discover more

Zytronic Touch technology

Our expert opinion

We’ve been developing and manufacturing projected capacitive touch sensors for over 20 years, so we’d like to think (with typical British modesty), that we’ve become “the experts” on this technology. Over the years we’ve shared our knowledge and experience, and in 2018 this was no different.

In June we did our best to highlight the demands placed on interactive technology in outdoor environments, and how Zytronic’s projective capacitive touch technology can be used in unattended and exposed locations. Discover more

Later in the year we explored the increased adoption of touch screen technology in industrial control applications, and how Zytronic touchscreens can solve human-machine interface problems in challenging uses. Discover more

Looking to 2019

As 2019 is in full swing, its another busy year for us.

Once again, we exhibited at ISE in February, and DSE in March. In October we’ll be back at G2E (visit us on stand 1335), so there will be plenty of time for you to meet us and catch up with our new developments.

See you there!