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Customer Engagement and Touchscreens

31 May 2017

The way we buy goods and services has changed massively in the last decade.

The explosion of the internet has given consumers a global market place, with an infinite level of choice. Goods and services are no longer solely available from your neighbourhood shop, and brands need to work increasingly harder to win over consumers in the oversaturated retail word.

No easy task!

Consumers are more knowledgeable and conscientious than ever. They demand more information about the products they chose, but also about where they come from and who they buy them from. As a result of this customer relationships with brands have changed.

It’s no longer acceptable for brands to simply advertise themselves and their products from an isolated position. Consumers want their opinions and responses to be heard and valued, they want a two way conversation!

So what can touchscreens do to improve consumer relationships?

Convenience and Customer Service

Consumers are very familiar touchscreens and interactive user interfaces, and touch enabled self-service units offer a convenient and swift way for customers to make purchases or find out product/stock information, all without having to wait in a que, or for a staff member to become available, saving time and alleviating stress.

Contrary to received wisdom, the additional of self-service Point of Sale (POS) technology does not necessarily remove the need for floor staff. In fact the addition of POS units can be a benefit for many “customer facing” staff members as it frees them to consult with clients and handle  more questions and requests,  adding a heightened, and more personal level of service, without  worrying about long queues at the till.

Information and Up-selling

Information goes both ways! With the addition touch enabled self-service POS units, both the brand and the consumer have access to a greater range of data. Customers can navigate through product listings and have quick and easy access to information such as stock levels, detailed product specifications and reviews. Additionally, intuitive software can also suggest extra, or complimentary products, adding to the “personal touch.

Encouraging instore customers to engage with touch enabled POS units and interactive digital signage can be very useful. Brands can gain insight into exactly which products or services their customers are interested in, track the user experience and gather contact or demographic information about their customers.

This is information can be crucial for marketing campaigns, stock levels and buying habits. By using data gathered via touch systems, companies can tailor their service and their brand to meet the needs of their customers.

Interactivity and Enjoyment

Fun! What better way to strengthen customer relationships than to give people a good time! By encouraging consumers to interact with digital signage through simple and amusing software, games and photography, brands are imprinting their values and names in the minds of consumers to strengthen their relationship and reputation with customers.


Zytronic case study – Kite GB

Fashionable London optician Kite, have utilised Zytronic’s multi touch ZYBRID® technology to create an attractive interactive, mirrored kiosk.

Through the kiosk customers can take photos of themselves wearing their chosen frames, then via the unit they can share the images with friends and family on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

With this type of touchscreen system the benefits are two-fold. The consumer can include friends and family in their experience, and the retailer gains valuable information about their customer and their buying habits.

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Zytronic case study – Coca Cola Freestyle 

Coca-Cola Freestyle™ beverage dispenser utilizes Zytronic’s innovative ZYPOS® technology to dispense more than 100 different branded sparkling and still beverages from a single freestanding unit. The Coca-Cola Freestyle™ dispensers incorporate a ZYBRID® customised touch sensor.

The unit enables the dispenser to share product information via a bright 15.1” display, and to gather important consumer choice data with the aid of an intuitively designed graphical user interface (GUI)

The benefit? Freedom of choice for customers and valuable market data for Coca Cola, who knew Mezzo Mix (Coca-Cola and Orange Fanta) was so tasty?

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Another excellent example touch sensors being used to reach consumers this can be seen with V Energy Drink’s DOOH photo booth campaign.

V Energy drink take to the streets of Sydney with a touchscreen digital signage campaign. The digital signage kiosks jump on the selfie trend, encouraging passers-by to customize their images with various filters and share them with friends over social media.

Benefits – Brand recognition. Sometimes it’s not always about making a sale, sometimes it’s about being noticed, being recognised and being remembered!

With the right software and location touchscreens can offer engagement, accessibility, interactivity, enjoyment and the latest information, everything the modern consumer expects from retail technology, with the added bonus of offering useful data and metrics allowing brands to understand customers’ needs and wants,  and creating a tailored service to improve customer relationships.