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Customer Experience Is What It’s All About

12 October 2016

Gambling has come a long way since the invention of the first slot machines in the late 1800’s.   Although traditional spinning reel or “stepper” cabinets still have an enduring popularity and have even enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, manufacturers are increasingly competing to differentiate their game platforms with ever larger, brighter, crisper displays and touch screen player interfaces.

It’s not just the graphics which have come a long way in the last 40 years, today’s touchscreen based slot machines and video lottery terminals need to look not only good but also be durable enough to provide 24/7 reliability in any environment where players congregate – be it in a glitzy Las Vegas casino or a remote service station.  Coupled with the intuitive, quick interaction that touchscreens enable, operators and manufacturers are constantly seeking to speed up the games – keeping pace with the latest “quick fire” player vs. player skill based gambling, and increasing the “plays per minute” and resulting revenues per machine. Zytronic’s killer combination of class leading touchscreen durability and near limitless design flexibility, continues to give slot machine and video lottery terminal manufacturers the opportunity to design player interfaces that are as tough as they are eye-catching.

As we and the gambling industry as a whole have just concluded its biggest annual expo(G2E, Las Vegas), we’re taking a look at some of the unusual touch sensing projects that we’ve been privileged to have been involved in – and the reasons why our unique PCT™ and MPCT™ was selected in each.

From card tables to iTables

Shuffle Master used our customisable ZyBrid® touch sensors to bring tablet style gaming to traditional card tables.

Utilising six, networked touch-enabled player displays, plus an additional dealer station, embedded in a full-size casino touchscreen gaming table, the i-Table™ combined a feature-rich, highly efficient and intuitive electronic betting interface with the human interaction of a live dealer. It could quickly switch between a selection of different card games; with Blackjack, Baccarat, Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em all supported.

Shuffle Master i-Table JMP_1235-2shuffle-master-i-table_2

The custom developed 10.4” Shuffle Master touch sensor had a rear printed green or grey border to help blend the screens into the baize table top, and the smooth edge-to-edge glass design eliminated unsightly bezels required by some other touch technologies.

Innovative design with Indago™

TheAce Indago specially developed touch sensors that we designed and manufactured for the Indago™ video lottery terminal (VLT) combined amazing design and incredible durability.

Originally created by lottery specialist ACE Interactive, a subsidiary of global gaming leader, Aristocrat, the Indago™ VLT used an innovative dual 22″ widescreen display to enhance the appearance and increase the playing features of modern game terminals.

The upper “topper” display captured attention and showed the state of play with dynamic visual effects, while the lower touch-enabled area allowed each player to select and play a variety of games. For this project we designed a single 6mm thick toughened and printed glass screen with two clear zones – the lower area with touch interactivity. As the VLT was designed to be deployed by Norwegian State lottery operator Norsk Tipping, in public venues such as licensed bars/clubs and betting kiosks and the ZyBrid® touch sensor we created was both tough and attractive.


Tough multitouch for InteractivePro Table

Another great example of the combination of Zytronic’s high performance, ruggedised touch screen in action is Suzo Happ’s 42” InteractivePro™ multiplayer touch table.

The custom designed large format ZyBrid® projected capacitive touchscreen with its multi-touch functionality and the high-resolution display is making a name for itself in gambling and leisure locations.

The InteractivePro table is a big hit with sports fans who can watch and bet on live games and well as browse the web for sports-related news and features.  Multiple TV channels can be viewed at the same time and the 6mm thick, thermally toughened, and laminated glass table has been designed to withstand the type of accidental (and even deliberate) abuse that furniture in busy bars and clubs can be subjected to – if you don’t believe us, check out this video!

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