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Durable Outdoor Interactive Digital Signage

06 April 2016

Signage is becoming more and more prevalent in our everyday lives, with brands turning to Interactive digital signage in order to engage with their customers across multi-platform devices.

While many applications are being installed into well attended, indoor environments such as shopping malls, hotel lobbies and entertainment arenas. There is a growing desire for interactive signage to be used in outdoor locations.

Recently Coca-Cola created a bold new project on the streets of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Australia, encouraging engagement through touch interactive games, and free drinks.

While outdoor interactive digital signage can create an exciting buzz and a unique addition to a brands resources, outdoor environments present many obstacles for designers and touch screen manufactures. Digital signage hardware must remain functional in all weather conditions. They must offer durable, vandal resistant solutions, and ideally they should also be customisable to remain in keeping with a brands individual look.

Zytronic’s patented PCT™ and MPCT™ multitouch projected capacitive touch sensors can operate through toughened glass substrates of thicknesses up to 20mm. Not only does this create a dependable, weather resistant, touch interface, it also offers unrivalled protection against a wide range of physical, mechanical and chemical abuse.


Additionally, specialist glass treatments, such as Anti-glare etches and Anti-reflective coatings are available options, and can enhance  display readability in direct sunlight. Other optional filters are available, such as  Ultraviolet and Infra-Red blocking filters which aid system thermal management and the protection of internal components, such as the LCD, which can be sensitive to sunlight and high ambient temperatures.

These features offer digital signage designers with a cost effective and customisable solution for the most demanding of outdoor applications.

Example Case studies –

SEOUL BUS SHELTERS – Zytronic’s rugged ZyBrid® touch sensors provide an intuitive and informative new public transport experience in the South Korean capital

CleanSeoul bus BIT3

Working with Zytronic’s distribution partner in Korea, DTH Co. Ltd, and Sane Co. Ltd., a leading provider of intelligent transportation systems. The project has seen three hundred 46-inch ZYBRID® touch sensors based on Zytronic’s award-winning Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™) acquired for integration into the Bus Information Terminal (BIT) project. BIT replaces existing non-interactive digital signage and offers Seoul’s commuters engaging, easy-to-access real time information about traffic, transit routes and local amenities, with the touch of a finger.

Key Features

  • 46” ZyBrid® touch sensors, operating through 6mm protection glass.
  • Functional in all-weather conditions, from hot humid summers, to freezing temperatures, snow and ice.
  • Unaffected by scratches, heavy rain, ice, dirt and dust.

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Surtronic – Zytronic Supplies 72-Inch Touch Sensors for Street Based Public Information Display Units

Surtronic 72 inch ZYBRID - ZY383 - Boys

Both the overall robustness and high degree of scalability afforded by Zytronic’s patented Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™) are underlined in its latest outdoor touchscreen project. The company’s ZyBrid® touch sensors have, via Dutch distributor Telerex, been selected by Surtronic for integration into a public information/digital signage unit that it has developed and is now starting to deploy in busy retail areas across Europe.

Key Features

  • 72” ZyBrid® touch sensor
  • Operating through an 8mm thick tempered glass protective overlay
  • Customised glass design with black screen printed border

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Infinitus – Zytronic adds rugged touch capability to iMotion® high-definition digital signage for outdoor use

iMotion ZY229A_HR

The units are purpose designed for use in all locations, including demanding public outdoor environments such as ski resorts, marinas, golf clubs, amusement parks, filling stations and fairgrounds. The very large display is presented in a choice of portrait or landscape orientation, and in optional 65” or 46” sizes. The system’s creator, Infinitus of Slovenia, conceived iMotion® to deliver the advantages of cutting-edge technology with complete reliability, drawing standards from the military and automotive industries to achieve its goal.

Key Features

  • 65” ZyTouch® sensor
  • Laminated 6mm + 6mm toughened glass construction
  • Sealed to IP67/NEMA4
  • Antireflective coated front glass to enhance readability for users in bright condition.

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The versatility of Zytronic’s projected capacitive technologies (PCT™ and MPCT™) and flexible manufacturing processes allows us to supply uniquely durable and highly customised designs to meet the varied needs of our customers around the world.

Contact us if you would like to know more about our range of touch sensing solutions for interactive digital signage and public information displays.