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Financial Touchscreen Trends: Cryptera Leads the Way with CryptoTouch

18 December 2014

In recent years there has been an evolution in the financial services sector.

The emergence of Internet and phone banking have appealed to a new tech savvy generation of users who demand real time updates and fast responses to meet demanding lifestyles, contactless payments and touch sensors are in, buttons and keyboards are undeniably out.


To keep up with demands financial institutions have really stepped up. They are increasingly focusing on improving the customer experience and offering more convenient services. Using digital technologies branches are becoming more like show rooms, where large format touch tables with multi-touch operation, wall-mounted displays using high definition graphics and self-service kiosks are now common place. An example of which can be seen with the new Post office digital concept store.

The humble ATM has also evolved to offer greater levels of automation and can be used for not only banking transactions but is now a highly sought after advertising space. This has led to more advanced ATMs, where dual and multi touch function is increasingly expected, with an almost secondary function of interactive digital signage, all the while still meeting the high demands expected from an outdoor, unattended terminals.

The trend for no-fuss digital solutions mean we are seeing more and more transactions, particularly in the retail sector, where payments are being made through apps and “bolt on’s” to tablets or smartphones.  Rather than using traditional cash registers or till operations, transactions are being made and sensitive details transferred quickly on shop floors and temporary Point of Service units. While this undoubtedly offers a convenient service, many users will be unaware that this type of transaction can be fraught with risks: Is the internet connection secure? Is the app safe? Are personal details being stored un-securely?

Is security being sacrificed for convenience?

A solution to this problem has been found with the launch of Cryptera’s CrytpoTouch. In partnership with, and utilising Zytronic’s award winning projective capacitive touch technology; the ETS 6200  module offers a PCI-approved Encrypted Touch Sensor allowing for the removal of mechanical pin pads. This breakthrough means that as well as supplying a fully secure and encrypted solution, POS and self-service kiosks can now offer on-trend, aesthetic solutions, with the inherent qualities associated with PCT touch sensors, the importance of which Zytronic are no strangers to.

ETS 6200 Module

It has always been integral for banking businesses to utilise terminals that can withstand acts of vandalism, impacts and severe weather conditions. The evolution of ATM’s now means banking institutions can offer display protection as well as encrypted touch and interactive digital signage, creating secure, functional points of service and payment transactions that customers can rely on.

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