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06 March 2020

2020 has already been a busy year for exhibitions! In early February, we participated in ICE, London, with our sales partners Eurocoin. ICE is Europe’s largest gaming show, held over 3 days, showing some of the latest Gaming innovations, its not to be missed.

At this years event, we showcased several new projected capacitive touchscreen innovations designed for slot machines, electronic table games and sports betting terminals, and all based upon our patented and award-winning multi-touch technology (MPCT®). If you weren’t able to attend this year, we’ve put together an overview of the products/technologies we demonstrated.


This stunning slot machine simulation incorporates several innovative technologies. Renowned for their durability and long-term reliability, it is often overlooked how easy it is to customise and scale Zytronic touch sensors. With comprehensive in-house glass processing capability, full sheets of the required thickness and type are cut to the needed dimensions (up to ~86”), the glass edges are then profiled and any slots or holes through the glass are added. The shaped glass can then be printed, thermally toughened (to add strength and safety) and even curved to match the latest concave or convex displays. All processing is completed in our UK based, ISO accredited facilities – so you know that the company has complete control over the touch sensor manufacturing process and can be trusted to support you from design conception, during product launch and throughout its life cycle.


• 55” custom printed, multi-touch sensor capable of detecting up to 100 touch points
• Thermally toughened, safety glass is highly impact resistant
• Optional ‘floating’ LED lights can be applied to the rear surface of the touch sensor in any shape or position. These are invisibly connected and powered via the same 10-micron wide copper matrix used to detect touches. This capability provides slot designers with another lighting effect to enhance game play


Traditional mechanical button decks provide players with satisfyingly tactile feedback, but can be prone to failure, are harder to clean and tend to be of fixed functionality. Touchscreen enabled ‘Virtual Button Decks’ are wipe clean, bright and dynamically configurable but fail to provide gamers with any sensation beneath their fingertips. Zytronic demonstrated a new ‘hybrid’ version of its award winning ZyBrid® touch sensor that provides players with the best of both worlds by incorporating durable textures and features on the glass surface to help guide users fingertips to important game controls. It also has embedded dynamic ‘bash’ buttons within the touchscreen viewing area which are invisibly connected and powered without the need for intrusive cabling.


• 29” multi-touch sensor with finger dimples and virtual dial machined into the glass surface
• Advanced ‘palm-rejection’ algorithms operate within the associated ZXY500™ controller, meaning that even when a player is leaning on the screen, functionality of the touchscreen
game controls and buttons remain completely unhindered
• With patent pending technology, the mechanical ‘bash’ buttons appear to float over the displays surface


With our uniquely flexible manufacturing process, touchscreen design options are limitless. Coupled with an ability to supply from one piece to thousands, developers can think beyond ‘boring’ rectangular touch interfaces. To demonstrate this, we produced an elegant, round touch table with a round, white printed ZyBrid® multi-touch sensor mounted over a square display. We also develop our own range of touch controllers, and the proprietary touch detection algorithms that can be adapted to a variety of uses, and here the firmware has been modified on a ZXY500™ multi-touch controller to ‘switch off’ the corners of the touch sensor and create a round touch zone.


• Round displays are incredibly expensive. This is a cost effective way to create unique touch table designs using rectangular or square displays
• Multi-touch touch performance is unaffected by liquids and surface contaminants making it an ideal solution for touch tables and electronic table games
• Round designs are available in any size up to 1.1m diameter
• ‘Floating’ buttons mounted within the touch active area of the screen. These can be positioned anywhere and are invisibly powered and controlled via the conductive touch detection matrix on the sensor’s rear surface


A compact tabletop demonstration unit showcased Zytronic’s capabilities for self-service cash handling applications such as ATM’s, player loyalty kiosks and ticket-in/ticket-out machines. The functioning concept kiosk incorporated several novel and useful features. The 17” multi-touch ZyBrid® touch sensor has been custom shaped with slots added so that rear mounted peripheral modules such as barcode scanners, receipt printers and card acceptors can be seamlessly hidden behind the all-glass user interface. Furthermore, printing can be customised to add logos and identify the location of rear mounted NFC readers. The overall effect is to present users with a stylish, fully integrated and beautifully designed kiosk rather than a utilitarian ‘grey box’ with bolt-on peripheral modules.


• 10-point all-weather and vandal resistant multi-touch functionality
• Privacy filter laminated to the rear of the viewing to narrow the viewing angle, enhancing the security of personal data displayed on the screen and reducing the risk of ‘shoulder surfing’ and prying eyes
• ZXY500™ touch controller incorporates Zytronic’s proprietary ‘Force Sensing’ firmware. This responds to varying levels of applied finger pressure by outputting additional data to the operating system. Software developers may incorporate this function into their application to trigger a variety of actions, such as ‘zoom’, opening sub menus or allowing users to highlight a key before pressing harder to commit to the action (useful for accessibility compliance)

If you’d like to learn more about any of these new capabilities, we’d love to hear from you.