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Interactive Surfaces. The Big, the Small and the Advanced

27 June 2016

From hotels to museums, casinos to car show rooms, multi touch tables, and interactive “surfaces” are becoming increasingly common place in our everyday lives. The fun, intuitive functionality of touch screens are resonating with the public globally, and demand is high.

Touchtech Lima - ZY390For consumers, interactive surfaces and multi touch tables offer an easy to use, interfaces, in a format that has become familiar to them due to the omnipresence of smart phones and tablet computers. For self-service equipment designers the benefits of touch technology over traditional button interfaces, allows them to create sleek, attractive hardware, and companies deploying this new hardware, benefit from being able to draw in and connect with their customers in new and compelling ways.


The near limitlessly customisable nature of Zytronic’s projective capacitive touch technology means that almost any application can be enhanced by adding touch functionality to tables and surfaces, irrespective of location, and in sizes from 5” to over 85”.

Furthermore, the proven durability of these ward winning products, ensure highly reliable and stable performance, which when combined with Zytronic’s latest touch controllers, offers rapid, accurate multi-touch functionality enables multiple users to participate and collaborate around large interactive surfaces with ease.

The Big – EGT

Euz0312zy _EGT Luxury Touch table image 1 prro Games Technology (EGT). One of the fastest growing companies in the global gaming industry, selected Zytronic’s Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™) to create a completely new multiplayer luxury roulette game on an enormous 84” table with up to eight independent touch areas.
The EGT Luxury Touch Table is a high-end product, featuring an exquisite design, modern technologies and demanding performance standards. Critically, the new Table concept required six or eight completely independent touch zones operating seamlessly over a single 84” LCD, allowing individuals to place bets within a shared game experience, without the risk of each players “virtual” gambling chips becoming mixed up.

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The Small – Bosch Siemens

ZY290 BOSCH SIEMENS HII-RES - NOV 2011At the opposite end of the size spectrum, Zytronic’s touch sensor technology is also being utilised by domestic appliance leader Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH (BSH), in its full surface induction cooktop (the CX 480). The CX 480’s display employs a 6.5 inch version of the Zytronic ZYBRID® customised touch sensor and ZXY100 controller chipset with a customized firmware integrated within the hob’s motherboard.

The CX 480 hob has an edge to edge cooking area, with an array of induction elements mounted beneath a durable glass ceramic surface, so that up to four pots and pans of various shapes or sizes can be placed anywhere upon it and heated.

A special feature of the technology (particularly important for BSH in their application) is its ability to be mounted behind (and work through) a separate thick overlay, thereby protecting the touch sensor from sources of potential damage – in this case a 6mm thick glass ceramic cooker top. As a result PCT sensors can offer incredible durability and have far longer life spans than those using touch sensing technologies that rely on relatively thin substrates to operate. As a result, Zytronic touch sensors are used in the most extreme environments – indoors, outdoors and unsupervised.

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And The Advanced (Multi-User) experience – Touchwindow

ZY407 - Touchwindows multitouchItalian interactive Customer Solution specialists Touchwindow selected Zytronic’s patented multi-touch projected capacitive touch sensors (MPCT™) for their touch table design.  The all glass surface table is an elegant, low-profile solution, which was specifically adapted to meet the particular needs of the leisure and hospitality sectors. The 46” multi-touch ZYBRID® touch sensor used in the table, was specially designed for Touchwindow, and can track up to 40 independent touch points, is unaffected by spillages, impacts or users leaning on the table.



The Touchwindow interactive table is aimed at use in hotel lobbies, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, waiting rooms and airport VIP lounges. It supports a wide variety of both entertainment and business-related activities, such as watching film clips, exploring interactive maps, annotating documents, reading newspapers/magazines, and writing, making video calls or browsing the Internet via the multi-touch enabled interface.

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