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Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Technology: Flexible Customisable Touch Screens for Any Application

25 March 2015

Now more than ever, consumers are expecting touch screen technology and the ease of access that it brings; whether it’s on a mobile phone, tablet or retail POS, customers expect to see the latest technological innovations when they make a purchase, and are consistently entertained with dynamic, bright displays on advertising boards and digital signage.

Capturing the attention of customers, needn’t be challenging with Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Technology (MPCT™). Zytronic sensors offer leading-edge responsiveness and immersive experiences to the entertainment sector and casinos, and interactive, collaborative functionality in retail, leisure and business environments.

Spoilt for Choice

Customisable curved multi touch screensThe flexibility of MPCT™ encourages personalised innovation and creativity. For casino gaming machines, curved touch screens deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. With customisable sizing of up to 85 inches, single, dual or multi-touch configurations are available. The screen can be made to be convex or concave, as well as landscape or portrait, all with the option of a specified curve radius to fully replicate the desired level of immersion.

This almost limitless potential for customisation doesn’t compromise on the lightning fast response times of Zytronic’s multi-touch products.

Such a high level of customisation is important to reflect the desired style and fit of a multi-touch screen for business, retail or leisure. Unparalleled responsiveness and scalability in sizes of up to 85 inches make touch screen tables the perfect platform to engage with consumers and employees alike in innovative and surprising ways.

More importantly, Zytronic’s patented Multi-Touch Projective Capacitive Technology touch sensors are extremely rugged and durable; able to withstand even the most challenging environments –  from vandalism to dirt; hot and humid conditions to freezing temperatures – the endurant multi-touch sensors  can still perform outstandingly well, detecting up to 40 individual and simultaneous touch points with a supremely fast response time.

In this video, our Research & Development team put our rugged touch sensor to the test with a series of challenges.

Transcend All Limits

The flexibility of MPCT™ can be seen not just in its customisability, but also its usability. To complement a range of already award-winning glass touch sensors, the ZYFILM® touch foil demonstrates the level of diversity capable with capacitive touch technologies.

The rollable, flexible touch film can be laminated against the rear of a transparent substrate, creating a large, eye-catching touch screen display when combined with a projector or LCD. Available in sizes of up to 85 inches, the touch foils are suitable for permanent or semi-permanent applications to suit a variety of possibilities for retail or digital signage.

Flexible multi touch film from Zytronic

Multi-Touch Projective Capacitive Technology (MPCT™) can enhance any business objective across multiple applications with innovative style and usability. Designed to thrive and perform in rough, animated environments, capacitive touch technologies can create the ultimate multi user experience.

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