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Multi-Touch Tables Enable Businesses to Interact With Customers as Never Before

07 October 2014

To put it simply, touch screen tables are something akin to giant-sized tablets on legs – which makes them the perfect platform to connect with customers in new and surprising ways, in the gaming, leisure, retail sectors and beyond.

Zytronic’s proprietary multitouch Projective Capacitive Touch Technology (MPCT™) has set the new benchmark in this application, combining unparalleled responsiveness and scalability (available up to 85” today), with the reliability, and durability that Zytronic’s products are world renowned for. Touch tables incorporating MPCT™ touch sensors will easily shrug off the rigours of daily use in public spaces. In fact, they’re rugged enough for use even in the most challenging environments – even outdoors, and yet certainly do not compromise on performance, detecting up to 40 simultaneous touch points with millisecond response speeds, for a smooth multi user experience.

Award winning touch technology – the perfect solution for touch table applications 

Zytronic touch technology for touch tables

Our Projective Capacitive Touch Technology, which has already garnered awards from around the world, provides highly durable and stable touch functionality for myriad applications. Multi-touch precision enables multiple users to participate and collaborate with ease. The powerful capacitive sensing matrix delivers incredible precision, enabling users to interact with the touch table with ease and accuracy.


Constructed of a matrix of microscopic, 10 micron diameter copper capacitors embedded deep within a toughened glass screen (can be up to 10mm thick), our multi-touch screens are extremely sensitive to touch gestures, whilst being invulnerable to environmental stress, impacts, dirt and liquid spillages. Zytronic’s Projective Capacitive Touch Technology is trusted by some of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-service equipment and has been proven in the field for more than a decade in the most extreme environments.

Case Studies

Examples of touch table deployments incorporating Zytronic multi-touch sensing technology have thus far included the elegant, Italian designed and low-rise 46” Interactive Table, from TouchWindow, which has gone down a storm in the hospitality industries; the slim-line yet tough, 55” Zero Bezel Touch Table from DisplayLite, which is already in use in boardrooms, banks and showrooms; and SHIFT Interactive’s InteractivePro™ 42” touch table, which is designed to thrive in the rough and tumble of busy sports-bars and casinos, and enables a multiplayer and multimedia gaming and leisure experience.

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