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Multi Touch Technology Revolutionising the Customer Experience

26 June 2015

Zytronic’s multi-touch projected capacitive technology (MCPT™) is leading the way in changing how organisations across multiple industries can interact with their customers.

From restaurants and bars, car showrooms and hotel reception waiting areas, to boardrooms and museums, touch tables are connecting customers with brands and businesses in innovative and exciting ways.

The recent refurbishment of The Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum is a prime example of how touch tables can be used to transform and heighten customer experiences.   Customers of all ages are becoming more and more accustomed to interaction and user focused experiences, and businesses are exploring a range of possibilities to meet these expectations.

Multi-touch projected capacitive technology

Multi-touch projected capacitive technology (MCPT™) – a flexible and rugged solution for customer interaction

The sheer variety of sectors that are adopting the multi-touch screen tables demonstrates the diversity of the technology.  In addition to screen sizes available up to an impressive 85”, other features include capabilities of 40 simultaneous touch points, and specialist glass treatments makes the product extremely tough and durable. This creates a superb multi-user experience that has encouraged companies across digital signage, gaming, point of sale and many more to select Zytronic’s technology for their products.

Case Studies:

JEA Technologies of Australia selected Zytronic to manufacture rugged touch-sensor solutions with projected capacitive touch technology (PCT™) to be used in their Interactive Pro Table, ideal for retail and leisure environments. The 42-inch display and high performance touch controller allows multiple sports fans to watch up to four different TV channels at the same time. Managing director of JEA’s distribution partner Suzo-Happ, said “Zytronic’s projective capacitive technology was the only multi-touch technology to give us the aesthetics we required. Solutions from other suppliers simply proved inadequate.”

The advanced resistant touch-sensor made the product virtually harm-free from impacts, surface damages or spillages. In addition, the palm-rejection algorithms manufactured into the firmware helped improve the efficiency by reducing interference from several users leaning on the touch screen table at the same time.

Multi - touch projected capacitive technology

HUMElab, an interactive furniture producer from France, have used Zytronic’s durable multi-touch screens for use in homes, restaurant and hospitality environments. Their International Sales Director, Armand Menargues, said “Zytronic’s touch sensors were chosen because of the fluidity of their touch response and the 40 simultaneous touch points they can support”.

HUMElab required a specific solution which was made possible by Zytronic’s flexible manufacturing methods, which allow a variety of run times to accommodate numerous different requests from multiple customers. In this case, HUMElab requested 22, 23 and 42-inch screens, all with customised printed borders, in addition to 4mm and 6mm thermally toughened glass to ensure superb readability in all types of light conditions.

Further uses of Zytronic’s multi-touch projected capacitive touch technology (MCPT™) include museums, showrooms, banks, shops and casinos. As the leaders in touch technology, Zytronic have the ability to customise each design, yet, regardless of the dimensions required, all of the touch screens manufactured are extremely resistant and come with a palm-rejection functionality that can detect the difference from intended and accidental touches.

To find out more about Zytronic’s multi-touch screen technology, or to make an enquiry, please contact us.