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Top 5 Touch Screen Vending Machines

22 April 2013

Ahead of the NAMA OneShow 2013 in Las Vegas, we have counted down our top 5 Interactive Touchscreen Vending Machines available across the globe.

The interactivity and design interface that these examples feature have really set the bar high in terms of vending machines that are rugged and reliable to deal with the demanding environments as well as driving forward the emphasis on design and brand visibility to entice customers and drive purchases.

1) Acure next generation digital touchscreen vending machine 

Acure next generation vending machine

This large format, heavy duty touch screen vending machine has made a huge impact on the vending industry. Payment can be made using traditional cash and card methods or via smartphone (using NFC technology). Acure also has the capacity to employ targeted marketing techniques. An integrated sensor above the touchscreen allows the age and gender of each customer to be determined so the machine can recommend the drink options most likely to fit with that specific demographic. Find out more about the Acure next generation digital touchscreen vending machine


2)      Coca Cola FreeStyle

Declared by Forbes as the Coolest Product of the Decade  the Coca Cola Freestyle Touchscreen Vending machine has been making waves across fast food chains in America. During the London 2012 Olympics, the FreeStyle finally made the leap across the pond to selected spots across the Capital. The dispenser utilizes innovative technology to dispense more than 100 different branded sparkling and still beverages from a single freestanding unit. Find out more about the The Coca-Cola Freestyle™ dispensers touch technology. 

3) Kraft Foods DIJI-Taste

Kraft Foods and Intel collaborated for two years to develop the Diji-Taste vending machine, which began as a high-tech approach to product sampling. It engages consumers with full-length LCD touchscreens on three sides of the machine. Facial recognition technology and social networking functions centre the experience around the consumer. Find out more.

4) Pepsi social vending machine

Rivalling number 5 in our count down from Coca Cola, the new interactive digital signage vending concept for Pepsi incorporates gamification to increase customer engagement. Consumers can use the machine just for simple vending, but also can play games on the digital signage screen to win gifts they could then send to friends via the machine. Read more.

5) Coca Cola Interactive Vending

With a second entry in our top 5, Coca Cola have made a huge impact with their Coca Cola interactive Vending machine as they make purchasing a bottle of Coca-Cola a fun and interactive activity. It even takes a photo and emails it to you. The new vending machines take advantage of NFC (near field communications), touch-screens, an Intel® Core™ i7 processor, and vPro technology.