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Touch Film Products Highlight Versatility Across Sectors

08 September 2015

Projected capacitive technology, prized for its reliability and accuracy, is a versatile solution for a range of touch technology requirements where security, durability or precision is the top priority for vendors and product manufacturers.

Emerging as strong contender in its field, flexible touch sensors, often referred to as touch foil, or touch film are making their mark across a range of applications where vendors are looking for a temporary or re-usable solution for effective interactive displays.

The touch film sensors are incredibly flexible, resulting in them being the ideal selection for a host of uses including promotional interactive digital signage displays, gaming and touchtable applications, restaurants, kiosks, boardrooms, estate agent and retail windows, plus many, many more. Due to the advanced sensing capability of the touch film, this product is a fantastic solution where usage may require gloved hands in chilly weather conditions. The touch panels maintain their accurate response sensitivity in temperatures ranging from 0°C, up to +50°C.

Incorporating our patented Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™), Zytronic’s range of flexible touch film sensors consist of the ZYFILM® and ZYPROFILM® products. The interactive touch film panels are designed to be mounted to the rear surface, and operated from the front of a substrate such as a glass window or plastic screen.

The table below highlights the main functional differences between the ZYFILM® and ZYPROFILM® products.

An early example of our ZYFILM® sensor being used to enable an interactive LCD shop window display was back in 2008. It allowed retailers to easily add interactive features such as sales transaction functionality and gathering consumer information for marketing purposes.

Zytronic touch foil sensors offer many other benefits to commercial operators including high durability and exceptional resistant to damage, when mounted behind a suitable substrate. Such qualities keep servicing and maintenance costs to a minimum, making it an attractive choice for retailers.

Another example of a successful installation of these flexible touch film panels is at one of the largest football stadiums in Poland, the Poznan Football Stadium, home to Lech Poznan FC.

The stadium museum adopted the ZYPROFILM® flexible touch sensor in a 60” interactive display. The construction allows the image to be projected onto the unit, and the touch foil can be removed from the supporting window or substrate and potentially reused at a later date or another event. The performance gives museum visitors an unrivalled interactive experience, allowing them to learn more about the football club’s history and achievements.

Both the ZYFILM® and ZYPROFILM® touch film products can be easily installed without the risk associated with a large and expensive LCD screen in a public area. Providing that the products are laminated correctly to a suitable substrate, the versatility is reinforced as both touch panels can be removed and reapplied for future use.

On working closely with customers who have selected the touch film products, Ian Crosby, Sales & Marketing Director at Zytronic comments, “the films have proved themselves time and time again to be an easy-to-implement touch sensing solution that maximises design flexibility while still exhibiting high levels of performance.”

If you want any more information about our range of projected capacitive technology (PCT™) products, or if you would like to make an enquiry, then please contact us.