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Touchscreen Solutions In the Expanding Interactive Kiosk Market

07 January 2016

The global interactive kiosk market will more than double in value from $1.2bn to $2.88bn over the next eight years.

The forecast comes in a recent report by Market Research (MRS), which says the industry will experience significant growth at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.63% during the forecast period 2014 to 2022.

But there will be major challenges along the way in the form of mobile technology, persistent concerns around cyber crime, and the sheer pace of technological change.

The report highlights the importance of having a better in-store customer experience to dilute the significance of smartphones as being critical to the growth forecast, as the retail sector currently accounts for 40% of the total value of the interactive kiosk market.

And there is an increasing demand for a cross-channel experience throughout the retail sector. A 2015 study by SessionM surveyed 12,000 smartphone users in the US and found that 90% admitted to using their mobiles in a retail store to help make buying decisions, while more than half said they used their mobile devices for price comparisons at the same time as being in a store.

This has led retailers to adopt interactive kiosks to help the decision making process in store, rather than as an alternative or competitive source online. This is typified by how retailers are utilising digital technology in-store to enhance the shopping experience with interactive installations such as digital signage, touch tables and kiosks.

Another advantage for brands and businesses turning to digital kiosks is the platform to provide more detailed information about product pricing, availability and feature comparison for customers. They can also help satisfy demand during busy periods, perhaps when sales staff are occupied with other customers or to assist with general browsing enquiries.

In 2014, Zytronic’s patented projected capacitive technology (PCT™) helped high street optician Kite GB engage with their customers via an interactive point of sale system.

At Kite’s flagship store in the East End of London, touch screen functionality was integrated into a durable glass surface which encouraged participation from customers. It allowed them to take photos of themselves wearing different glasses frames and share the photos across their social media profiles.

This is one of many examples that demonstrates the emphasis that retailers are putting on immersing digital technology within traditional stores to help analyse consumer behaviour, enhance the customer experience, and ultimately increase sales.

Outside of the retail sector, interactive kiosks are proving popular where 24/7 indoor and outdoor touch screen functionality can benefit both vendor and user. Numerous manufacturers operating in different sectors have chosen Zytronic’s versatile touch sensing solutions for their applications. Dong Hwa Prime, one of South Korea’s leading fuel-dispensing equipment developers selected Zytronic’s ZYBRID® touchscreen for their self-service petrol payment systems. The point of sale unit, titled Merit, was incorporated because the technology eliminated the need for external mechanical components and provided a toughened glass surface that is extremely durable and resistant to damage or harsh weather conditions.

Zytronic’s PCT™ was also chosen by the Edinburgh Transport Group to be applied to the Tram system point of sale kiosks. The rugged touch sensors are available to general public across Scotland’s capital city on a 24/7 basis while minimising staffing and downtime costs for the operator.

This reinforces the versatility of Zytronic’s projected capacitive technology (PCT™) and highlights the flexible nature of production that allows us to supply innovative and customised applications to meet the varied needs of our customers around the world.

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