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Touchscreen Technology in the Home

26 March 2013

Touchscreen technology is all around us on a day to day basis.

Whether using a ticket machine for your journey to work on public transport, choosing a drink or snack from a vending machine, making a withdrawal at an ATM or even working out on the latest gym equipment, we are constantly presented with an array of screens to watch, touch and interact with.

As well as looking sleek, a well-designed product featuring touchscreen technology will make your daily tasks easier, with an intuitive, functional interface.

Beyond smartphones and tablets, a range of other touchscreen enabled devices are starting to make their mark on the home in every way imaginable from the living room, to the kitchen and bathroom. The rate at which new touch screen based products are being introduced is staggering, so be prepared for an influx of pioneering ways to flush your toilet or cook for the family.

Below we have brought you a collection of new and innovative products available on the market.

Touchscreen in the Kitchen

Touchscreen in the home | kitchen


Touchscreen in the bathroom

Digital menu control of complete shower experience at the touch of a button for steam, audio, lighting and chromatherapy

A sleek digital touch screen bathroom mirror with integrated radio, clock and barometer.

Touchscreen home controls

Enhance security at home with a touchscreen system that lets you control security codes, lighting and lock the whole house in one touch.

Take complete control of your wireless audio and home theatre systems with this touchscreen universal remote controller.