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Touchscreen Technology Trend Report: Touch Tables

20 November 2013

Touchscreen technology continuingly increases its presence as a large part of our everyday lives in work, home and leisure. Consumer electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets are driving its widespread acceptance, but the key benefit of touch interactivity (namely, a simple and quick to learn user interface) means that  use of the technology is also rapidly growing in commercial applications.

In addition to the satisfyingly intuitive way in which users work with touchscreen enabled devices, manufacturers of self service equipment are also taking advantage of other benefits – such as hygienic wipe-clean surfaces in medical displays, or vandal resistant screens in outdoor ATM’s.

An interesting application that is gaining popularity in retail and leisure markets are touch tables. Arguably the original headline grabbing Microsoft Surface table began this trend around 5 years ago, and has spawned a myriad of alternatives. Essentially, scaled-up tablets, touch tables are being deployed in revenue generating applications such as showrooms, banks and bars. The provide customers and merchants with another channel through which to engage with one another, and when done well, enhance both the customer journey and their relationship with the brand / business.

Below we have looked at a two examples of new touch table products on the market which have made their mark in 2013, and are set for future success in different markets

DisplayLite Touch Table

This Zero Bezel range of touch tables are targeted at showrooms, boardrooms and other business, retail environments.

The compact, slim design features:

•  Attractive platform with a smooth glass fronted (bezel free) design

•  Able to detect at least10 touch points at once via its projected capacitive sensor

•  Versions available in 46 and 55-inch sizes

•  Available with the Lima multitouch software package, designed for retail and commercial office use

•  Resilience to severe impacts, scratches, liquid spillages and harsh cleaning chemicals

•  Native “palm rejection” capability, meaning users can rest on the screen without creating false touches and continue interacting

Click to find out more about the DisplayLite Multi Touch Table


Transcity’s Sports Vision Table

Zytronic Touch Sensors Take Up the Challenges of a Sporting Life

Now owned by gaming industry leader, Suzo Happ, this large format multi touch table is a sports fans’ dream, providing a 42” 1902 x 1080 HD screen to watch live games on various TV Channels, check odds, place bets and browse internet feeds to get the latest results. Designed for the growing in-game sports betting mark and tough enough for deployment in lightly supervised bars and clubs, the table features:

•  Multiple screen configuration enabling 1 to 4 different TV signals / websites to be utilised simultaneously

•  Supports up to 40 touch points at a time for multi user interaction

•  Rugged touch sensor solution protects screen from damage, drink spills and scratches

•  Bezel free around the sensor’s perimeter enabling a sleek, attractive smooth fronted design

•  Sophisticated palm rejection allowing users to lean on the surface without affection the touch performance

Click to find out more about the Transcity Sports Vision Table.