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Touchscreens – It’s All About Control (ers)

31 March 2017

To the end user, touch screen sensors are all about what they can see and touch: The design of the glass, the special features of the software and the ease of the user interface, however: the real “magic” component of touchscreen technology isn’t something most users are even aware of.

It’s the controller

While the design of the touchscreen is important for drawing in users, it is the touch screen controller that is responsible for recognition of touches, and the communication between the physical sensor and the computer, determining touch point position, interpreting and transmitting data.

How the technology works

Zytronic’s PCT™ projected capacitive touch technology works by sensing minute frequency changes in an X-Y matrix of conductive traces. These microscopic traces are laminated to the rear of the sensor, and when a finger or conductive stylus approaches the surface of the screen, capacitive coupling occurs between the finger and the traces immediately beneath, disrupting the sensor’s electromagnetic field and altering the frequency. The touch controller monitors the frequency in each trace and the touch position is calculated by determining which X and Y trace is closest to this peak change, which is then output to the host Operating System as a coordinate.

All of this happens in a fraction of a second, allowing the operating system to respond almost instantaneously, producing a lightening quick response to the user interaction.

A solution for all

At Zytronic we understand that “one size” does not fit all, and customization is one of our USP’s, which is why our range of touch screen controllers are designed to suit almost any size sensor, and application, while offering advanced time saving features such as plug & play, frequency scanning and palm rejection.

ZXY100 32  ZXY100 64  ZXY 100 128  ZXY110 32  ZXY110 64  ZXY150 64   ZXY200  ZXY300
Supporting screen size  5”- 18” 19”- 47 >48”  5”- 18” 19”- 47 7”-22” 22”-55” >56”
USB or Serial USB & Serial USB & Serial USB & Serial USB USB USB USB USB
Number of Touches 1 1 1 1 1 10 40 40
Palm Rejection yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Force Sensing yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Object Rec no no no no no no yes yes
Smart’ frequency-scanning no no no yes yes no no no
Supported system
Windows 7 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Windows 8 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Windows 10 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Android yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Linux yes yes yes no no no yes yes

As one of the few touch sensor manufacturers that truly develops their own touch control electronics, including ASIC’s, firmware and user interface software, Zytronic can customize user interface, even for small volume projects.

ASICS Application-Specific Integrated Circuit.

ARM, ASICs and reference design files to enable customers to embed the controller onto a suitable existing motherboard within their system. This can be a valuable space saving option for small or compact systems. _G8O0781

Firmware and Software customisations

Options include (but are not limited to)

  • Modifications to customer selected options for sensitivity, calibration etc.
  • Noise rejection frequency hoping systems to combat EMI and noise from displays, 4K systems and integration issues.
  • Pre-defined calibration data stored onto controllers so sensors can be plug and play out of the box, without the need for calibration by the customer.
  • Change USB Vendor and Product IDs
  • Access to new features (Force Sensing, Shape Recognition) before they appear in Production firmware builds

Many modifications can be retrofit and applied after install, with assistance from Zytronic’s team of software engineers

With the ability to customise both hardware and software Zytronic is leading the way, offering customers ultimate control over their projects.

If you want any more information about our range of projected capacitive technology (PCT™) products, or if you would like to make an enquiry, then please contact us.