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Vandal Resistant Touchscreen Technology

04 February 2014

Self-Service and unattended public-access touchscreens are constantly exposed to the risk of physical abuse, which can lead to costly repair fees and downtime.

ATMs, transport kiosks, vending machines and touchscreen tables for business, commercial and leisure applications are most at risk from these hazards, and require a vandal resistant solution. The good news is the solution does not necessarily mean compromising on style, function and design.

The process employed in the manufacture Zytronic’s patented PCT™ and MPCT™ multitouch projected capacitive touch sensors deposits a complex matrix of microscopic 10 micron diameter copper electrodes onto a thick, toughened glass substrate of thicknesses up to 20mm.

Not only does this create a dependable, weather resistant, low-maintenance touch interface, it also offers unrivalled protection against a wide range of physical, mechanical and chemical abuse. This provides developers of self-service systems with a cost effective and customisable solution for the most demanding of applications. Traditional front-facing touchscreen technologies such as resistive, surface capacitive and surface acoustic wave are no match for Zytronic’s PCT™projected capacitive touch technology sensors, which are effectively invulnerable to dirt, physical harm and user interference.

 Putting PCT to the test

This badly vandalised payment kiosk in Moscow is a great example of level of punishment that our touchscreens can withstand whilst continuing to operate.

Vandal Resistant Touchscreen Kiosk

The abuse the kiosks receive on the streets of the Russian capital can be extreme, as graffiti and violent defacement constantly put our touchscreens to the test.  This particular payment kiosk worked even though the sacrificial glass covering the 17” ZYPOS touch sensor was smashed, the screen was dirty and defaced, and it was raining heavily.

In a more social setting, this Sports Vision Table (manufactured by Transcity Australia, now part of the Suzo Happ group), which features a 42” MPCT™ multi-touch sensor has a bezel-free aesthetic, while being strong enough to cope with the thrills and spills of a rowdy sports bar environment.   Our PCT sensors’ inherent durability means they will easily cope with the numerous hazards found in similar public environments, meaning that potential damage via scratches from jewellery or watches, heavy impacts and liquid spillages are all fully protected against.

Vandal Resistant Multi touchscreen Table

See the Sports Vision Table in action at the Global Gaming Expo 2013 in the video below.

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