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Zytronic Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Technology in Operation at Self-Service Petrol Dispensers in Korea

10 September 2012

During a recent business trip to Korea, our Asian Regional Sales Manager, Mark Perry, stopped for fuel and took some shots of our ZYBRID® touch sensors in operation on a number of self-service petrol dispensers.

It was raining heavily at the time, but the screens worked faultlessly, reaffirming the suitability of our PCT™ screens in such demanding weather conditions.

The touchscreens are being increasingly deployed by several manufacturers of self-service dispensers, including Korean #1 Dong Hwa Prime’s advanced “Merit” unit which has proved reliable through several years continued use in the countries cold winters and hot, humid summers. The self-service system also incorporates other innovations such as a built-in security camera, and uses the ZYBRID® touchscreen to integrate all controls into a single, quick and easy to use customer interface for fuel selection and payment.

Read more about how our ZYBRID® PCT™ Touchscreens were the first choice in technology for Dong Hwa Prime.

Korean self-service touchscreen petrol pump

Korean self-service touchscreen petrol pump

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