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Zytronic visit Japan for RetailTech 2013

13 March 2013

As a major global economy and a technological innovator, Japan represents a great market for our products.

At the beginning of March, our Sales & Marketing Director Ian Crosby spent a few days with our local partner Minato, in and around Tokyo.

Pictured below is a group of Digital Signage touchscreens featuring our 46” ZYBRID sensors installed in public information displays set up in an outdoor concourse of the Yamanote line in Tokyo. The Yamanote Line is a circular line which connects Tokyo’s major commercial centres, and as a result sees a huge number of commuters and tourists using it every day. The new screens will provide visitors to the stations with helpful information in a variety of languages.

Zytronic Digital Signage Touchscreens in Japan

Zytronic Digital Signage Touchscreens in Japan

During Ian’s time in Tokyo, he also visited RetailTech Japan in which a number of Zytronic touchscreens were on show in a variety of customer units.  The exhibition is Japan’s largest tradeshow specialising in retail technology for point of sale and digital signage / point of information systems.

RetailTech Japan 2013

RetailTech Japan 2013


One of the example of Zytronic technology on display at RetailTech was a 19” printed ZYBRID touchscreen used in a queue management kiosk made by one of our Scandinavian clients, Qmatic.

Touchscreen queue management kiosk

The kiosk can be used to communicate with customers to improve both the service level and efficiency in various locations, such as reception areas, government offices and hospitals.  The kiosk can either be placed on a floor pedestal or on a combined table/wall stand.

Next up was a 46” ZYBRID sensor operating through a protective cover glass, which was installed in an outdoor digital signage kiosk demonstrated at the Arunas stand.

digital signage kiosk


As well as point of sale and queue management demonstrations for the retail sector, a number of companies were exhibiting high tech  touchscreen vending machines on show. Pictured below, is a concept vending machine on show at the Intel stand. Zytronic is already engaged in a number of similar projects – some case studies of which can already be seen on our website.

concept intel vending machine