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Centre for Life Selects Zytronic’s ZYBRID® Projected Capacitive Technology based 40-inch touch Sensors

Zytronic’s PCT™-based ZYBRID® touch sensors have been selected for use in interactive touchscreen tables at the Centre for Life in Newcastle for their durability and reliability. The three tables, which form the central exhibits in the Centre’s new gallery called ‘Our Future’, allow visitors to learn more about how modern science will affect mankind in the future.

Each table comprises of two 40-inch touchscreens placed between a 12mm thick glass surface and an LCD screen underneath. Visitors interact by simply touching the tabletops and by doing so, can explore scenarios on stem cell technology, climate change and our ageing population, consult expert opinion and leave their own comments.

The ZYBRID touch sensors are embedded below the sensing surface offering enhanced protection against wear and tear, accidental damage, dirt, dust, and moisture, and will continue to work even if the glass surface has become scratched. PCT also offers high resistance to cleaning materials and harsh chemicals, making it an ideal solution for touchscreen-based applications which are for everyday public use.

As PCT is drift-free and requires no recalibration, system availability is increased and maintenance costs are reduced. It can also be operated with a gloved hand.

“The original concept was inspired by a number of installations we saw using large scale interactive projection,” says Andy Lloyd, Head of Exhibit Development “Ambient light conditions ruled out a projected solution so we decided to look for a larger, highly durable touchscreen format.”

Lloyd continues, “By working closely with Zytronic we were able to determine that two 40-inch touchscreens placed close together provide a large, user-friendly and truly interactive solution that can be updated any time with news from our world-leading stem cell research team.”

interactive  touchscreen tables at the Centre for Life in Newcastle