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Cutting-edge transparent OLED receives a seamless multitouch upgrade from Zytronic

Newcastle, UK, 11th December 2020.

Development, systems integration and software specialist, SOLIDSENSE™ was set the challenge to create an impressive touch installation for a major trade fair demonstration.

Through the use of Zytronic’s patented projected capacitive technology (MPCT™) combined with its proprietary controller technology, a multitouch, super-slim, interactive transparent OLED (tOLED) display was created that is unparalleled in the Audio Visual (AV) market.

Often, optical-based touch technologies are used in large format AV applications based on perceived cost. However, with such an eye-catching display, this would have created an unsightly border around the tOLED, and therefore did not meet the ‘invisible touch’ design requirements specified by customers. So, in cooperation with partners INNOVATUS and Printec-DS, a bespoke OLED touchscreen solution was developed, which gives a ‘stealth’ interactive upgrade to the transparent, super slim display, which is imperceptible to the user.

Mounted upon LG’s latest 55” tOLED, Zytronic’s ZyBrid® sensor adds responsive multitouch capability, rapidly delivering up to 100 simultaneous points of interaction. Zytronic has invested millions of dollars in its proprietary touch ASIC embedded within the ZXY500™ controller. Consequently, in this application, it was able to be bonded directly, and invisibly, to the surface glass of the tOLED, with no air gap whatsoever between the touch sensor and display. As a result, the parallax was eliminated, assuring precise and accurate touches, and critical for this application, also delivering a stylish frameless design barely thicker than the ultra-slim tOLED itself.

The resulting Radiant Touch™ interactive transparent OLED display delivers a captivating AV experience, ideal for promoting premium brands or for use in prestigious locations.

If you would like to discuss your latest project needs, please email us at, or send us an enquiry to find out more about the ZyBrid® multitouch sensor. For more information about Zytronic, please visit: