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Demand for touchscreen-based applications drives ongoing expansion of US representation network

…Zytronic’s appointment of three new representatives will strengthen support for continued growth…

Zytronic, a designer and manufacturer of projected capacitive touch (PCT) sensing technology, is continuing to strengthen its support for ongoing growth in the US with the signing of three new representatives. Intermountain CSI, Electronic Device Sales, Inc. and Nexus Technology Sales are the most recent additions to the growing list signed up to Zytronic in the US, and with the demand for more touchscreen-based applications growing at a rapid rate, there are more in the pipeline.
The new signings bring to 14 the number of Zytronic manufacturers representatives in the USA. Intermountain CSI will cover Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho; Electronics Device Sales Inc. covers New England, while New York (excluding Orange and Putnam counties), Long Island and New Jersey are represented by Nexus Technology Sales.
This growth is largely attributed to the fact that an increasing number of users are looking to a touchscreen, rather than a keyboard and mouse, as the most intuitive way to interact with the computer. Today, touch technology can deliver sophisticated choices for customers in airport departure lounges for self check-in, transport booking halls, at gas station forecourts, public information kiosks, ATMs, and control panels for industrial equipment.
Mark Cambridge, marketing and sales director at Zytronic says, “Following the launch of our new ZYPOS® product in May this year, we now have a family of PCT touch sensor solutions that our representatives can offer to customers, enabling them to meet and exceed the performance criteria set by developers looking for a touchscreen solution in virtually all types of applications, within their
cost limits. In addition, these new agreements will provide excellent local access to, and support for, our PCT technology.”
PCT uses an array of optically microfine wires embedded within a multi-layer laminated screen behind a protective front surface, ensuring that the sensing medium is very well-protected from accidental and malicious damage. As well as offering one of the industry’s highest light transmission characteristics and unlimited touch life, PCT can be operated with a gloved or ungloved hand; it is extremely robust and drift-free meaning only minimal maintenance is required.