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Display Technology to Showcase Robust and Reliable Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™)-Based 40-inch ZYTOUCH® Touchscreen at Screenmedia Expo 2009

Screenmedia Expo Europe 2009 is where Zytronic’s UK distributor, Display Technology, is showing a range of innovative products and solutions which will include a 40-inch touchscreen featuring Zytronic’s proprietary projected capacitive technology (PCT™) ZYTOUCH touch sensor.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, ZYTOUCH touch sensors are extremely robust, straightforward to integrate and offer a cost-effective solution for applications that must meet the most demanding requirements for public access human machine interfaces.

Zytronic’s PCT differs from most other touch technologies in that it is not ‘front-face-active’. Instead, a PCT sensor comprises an array of micro-fine conductive tracks, closely positioned together to form an XY grid which is then used to generate a capacitive field in front of the screen. The sensing array is laminated between a front toughened glass panel and a rear supporting glass layer, thus offering extreme levels of protection from deliberate or accidental damage. Direct contact with the user is eliminated, and with an inert, pure glass front, PCT offers unrivalled resistance to chemicals, moisture and dirt. The sensor will even continue to operate successfully if the front panel becomes heavily scratched, or if used outdoors in all weather conditions. A useful feature is that PCT may be operatedby users wearing surgical or heavy-duty gloves. It is therefore an ideal choice for use in medical and industrial applications.

Zytronic’s PCT addresses the increasing demand for high-performance, cost-effective and robust touch-based solutions and is a proven choice in many applications such as large, interactive digital signage displays, pay-at-the-pump equipment and self-service kiosks, currently deployed globally. Product designers wanting to exercise their creativity can take advantage of the fact that the technology is fully customisable in form factors between 5 and 82 inches, and can also be used to create stylish, final product designs including iPhone style bezel-free fronts or even curved touch displays. Furthermore, the sensing technology can operate through up to 20mm of covering glass, enabling store windows to become interactive surfaces. Additional options are also available such as anti reflective coatings, privacy filters and screen printed borders and logos.

“Mainstream demand means that computers must now be able to withstand conditions ranging from extreme weather conditions, the effects of any accidental chemical spills, and must be easy to keep clean for use in sterile environments,” says Richard Murton, managing director, Display Technology. “Many of the features that Zytronic’s PCT offers, such as high light transmission, easy cleaning, high impact resistance, accurate response times and operation with gloved and ungloved hands are crucial to our customers who operate in the medical, industrial and manufacturing sectors and must frequently adhere to strict regulations. In addition, PCT enables display enclosures attaining IP67+ levels of sealing, which meets the requirements for use in hose-down areas and in food production applications, for example. Visitors to our stand will be able to witness ZYTOUCH in use and test its accuracy and ruggedness for themselves.”