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Large Format Multi-Touch Screens Incorporated into DisplayLite Touch Table

Innovative multiple user projected capacitive touch sensor shows its credentials in commercial applications

Zytronic has further solidified its position as the global leader in highly durable, large form factor, multi-touch sensing solutions - having been chosen by  touch screen integrator DisplayLite for its recently launched ‘Zero Bezel’ range of touch tables and wall-mounted displays.

The new DisplayLite products are targeted at showrooms, boardrooms, banks and other business, retail and leisure environments. One of its key features is an attractive smooth, all glass fronted design, free of unsightly bezel structures or frames around the perimeter of the display. Supporting Windows 8 operation, it is based on NEC’s super-slim MultiSync X462S LED display. The tables and wall-mounted displays have the capability to detect more than 10 touch points at once. This allows multiple users to simultaneously activate the surface using swipes, drag/drops, page flicks, pinch zooms and a variety of other defined gestures.

The initial touch solution provided to DisplayLite by Zytronic consists of 40, 46 and 55-inch versions of the company’s multi-touch projected capacitance based touch sensor made from 4mm thermally toughened glass with a custom printed black border. This is combined with Zytronic’s ZXY200 high performance multi-touch controller which interfaces directly with Windows 7, 8 and the latest Linux kernels supporting multi-touch. The inherent ruggedness of Zytronic’s multi-touch sensing solutions makes them highly suited to public use and self-service deployments. Thanks to their unique construction, they have strong resilience to severe impacts, scratches, liquid spillages and harsh cleaning chemicals.

Many large format multi-touch solutions on the market lack the sturdiness required for reliable use in demanding operational environments. Systems based on camera or infrared (IR) touch technologies require bezels for housing the transmitting/receiving optics. This makes edge-to-edge operation difficult. Such solutions have poor aesthetics and are vulnerable to damage, with performance potentially affected by the congregation of dust/dirt around the bezel optics. Furthermore, the risk of false touches is an ever present problem with camera/IR based touch solutions - especially when deployed horizontally into tables, as users may inadvertently activate the touchscreen while leaning across or resting upon the table, or bring other items (ties, sleeves, pens, cups, etc.) accidentally into proximity with its surface. Zytronic’s multi-touch technology eradicates these issues, as it will not react to inanimate or non-conductive items and advanced ‘palm rejection’ firmware, embedded in the touch controller, detects and ignores false touches from arms, elbows, etc.

“What proved crucial for us was the ability of Zytronic’s touch solution to ignore the permanent touch points caused by objects being put on a table and allowing users to keep their hands free for operating the user interface,” says Simon Perry, Director at DisplayLite. “Other touch sensing technologies register these false touches, which affects system performance.

“Furthermore,” he continues, “as no bezel is needed the full area of the touch display can be utilised. User interface designers do not, therefore, have to worry about whether or not they can position icons close to its edges.”

“The introduction of our multi-touch screens has added a further exciting dimension to the Zytronic product portfolio,” Ian Crosby, Sales & Marketing Director at Zytronic, states. “It allows us to marry the ultra-large size capability and native durability of our existing PCT technology with the compelling multi-touch functionality. This latest design win with DisplayLite underlines the value the industry at large can derive from this latest advance in projected capacitive touch technology.”