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Latest jukeboxes from Sound Leisure offer music at your fingertips using Zytronic

Touch sensor technology delivers robust, vandal-proof touchscreens and protection against accidental and malicious threats.

Sound Leisure, a company that specialises in commercial digital jukebox technologies, has chosen to implement Zytronic touchscreen technology into its latest free-standing and wall-mounted products.

Sound Leisure offers an extensive range of digital audio, video and background music (BGM) systems for home and commercial use, and has chosen to implement ZYTOUCH® Through Glass touchscreen technology, developed and manufactured by Zytronic, into two of its latest, state-ofthe-art models, the ‘Browser’ and the ‘Music Post’.

Originally previewed at this year’s ATEI show held in the UK in January, the free-standing Browser has a 20” TFT display combined with the ZYTOUCH® touch technology, while the wallmounted Music Post offers the first 18” touchscreen available for jukeboxes. Both of these models are extremely easy to use and their sturdy, yet eye-catching design make them ideal for high profile locations such as bars, cinema foyers and bowling alleys.

Zytronic’s ZYTOUCH® touchscreens feature a proprietary ‘projected capacitive’ sensing technology that does not require users to make direct contact with the surface of the touch sensor. This technology, which uses microfine wires embedded within a glass laminate, maximises light transmission characteristics while significantly enhancing protection against accidental or malicious threats.

Due to the unique Through Glass properties of ZYTOUCH®, Sound Leisure was able to utilise a further 4mm polycarbonate cover in front of the touch sensor to provide even higher levels of protection from possible harm caused by everyday use. In addition, the method of touchscreen manufacture ensures that no sealing is needed to ensure that the sensor remains unaffected by moisture, sticky drinks, solvents, harsh cleaning fluids, grease, dirt, scratches and all other surface damage.

“Our commercial jukeboxes are most typically found in public spaces such as pubs and cafes, so we needed a truly robust touchscreen technology that would be able to withstand the rigours of everyday use,” said Alan Black, Sound Leisure’s Managing Director. “When one of our jukeboxes is situated in a pub, for example, it immediately becomes susceptible to drink, food, cigarette ash and other debris. This is generally wiped away using a strong detergent, which, over time, often leaves a build-up and could potentially interfere with the performance of the machine. Having evaluated a number of samples, Zytronic’s ZYTOUCH® Through Glass touch technology was able to meet all of our expectations. It gives our jukebox touchscreens excellent durability, accurate and fast response times and delivers the high level of protection that is required for public access jukeboxes.”