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Mobile Knowledge Selects Zytronic’s ZYPOS® Touch Sensor Technology for Ruggedized, Single Terminal Design-in

25 April 2007

Mobile Knowledge has selected Zytronic’s projected capacitive technology (PCT™)-based ZYPOS® touch sensors as the primary input interface for its ruggedized, in-vehicle kiosk, the Windows CE based Passenger Information Monitor (PIM).  The company, which specializes in dispatch technologies for the For Hire industry, will market the new ZYPOS-based PIM to taxi companies across North America and around the world.

The Passenger Information Monitor is purpose-built and offers users everything from real-time GPS navigation and infotainment, to the ability to process a credit or debit card transactions.  This, in turn, enables fleet and vehicle owners to increase customer satisfaction and mobile workerproductivity while improving asset utilization.

The PIM features a user-friendly, bright, 10.4-inch colour touchscreen-based display and an intuitive application providing user interaction via graphical buttons and dialogue boxes. Built-in stereo speakers provide a rich audio experience and USB and serial connectivity are provided for external devices such as modems, printers and WiFi.  An integrated magnetic card swipe ensures a secure and convenient payment alternative for both driver and passenger at the end of the fare, minimizing the amount of cash a driver must carry, thereby improving security.

Taxi services are required in all weathers at any time of the day and night and in addition to this, the vehicles need to be cleaned regularly and quickly both inside and out.  On this basis, there were several important considerations that needed to be taken into account during the selection process of the PIM touchscreen. Travis Gray, Product Line Manager at Mobile Knowledge comments: “A touch sensor technology that offers easy integration, reliability, durability and resistance to contaminants and harsh chemicals ranging from coffee to cleaning fluids was seen as critical to the success of the Passenger Information Monitor, which is why we selected ZYPOS.  Passengers must be able to read the display in very bright sunlight, for example, and so optical clarity was also an important consideration.  In addition to this, taxis need to be out in extreme weather conditions, so we needed a touchscreen that could be operated with a gloved hand.  ZYPOS was able to meet all of these design criteria.”

The PCT-based ZYPOS touch sensors, which have been supplied by Zytronic’s representative, Electronics Sales Professionals (located in Canada); provide Mobile Knowledge with a touchscreen solution that offers one of the industry’s highest light transmission characteristics and a fast and accurate response time.  Based on the principle of embedding an array of micro-fine sensing wires within a multi-layer laminated screen behind a protective front surface (thus ensuring that the sensing medium is well-protected from any damage), PCT has unlimited touch life and is driftfree, and so requires little or no maintenance.