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New Agreements With Lean Logistics Services Inc. and Priebe Electronics Expand Zytronic’s Distribution and Representation in the US.

Zytronic, the leading designer and manufacturer of internationally award-winning projected capacitive technology (PCT™)-based touch sensors, is continuing to expand its presence in the USA through new representative and distribution agreements with two companies servicing the North-Western region including Washington, Oregon and into Idaho.

Lean Logistics Services of Woodinville, Washington delivers value-added supply chain services supporting lean manufacturing, and will act as Zytronic’s representative. Its associate company, Priebe Electronics, will support Zytronic’s products with distribution services, including ISO9002-compliant engineering and production capabilities.

Terry Edgar, President of both companies, says, “We have a combined history of 55 years serving high tech businesses in this region, and our customers trust us for our reliability and flexible services focused on their individual needs. Zytronic’s product portfolio complements our markets and competencies, and further enhances the superior quality and technical capabilities our customers have come to expect of us. We are delighted to partner with Zytronic and be able to offer our customers a touch sensing technology that will deliver unrivalled performance, durability and design flexibility.”

Lean Logistics Services and Priebe Electronics will supply all of Zytronic’s patented PCT touch sensor products, as well as shielded optical filters and window technologies.

Zytronic’s PCT touch sensors meet growing demand for high performance, reliable touch-based solutions. There are no front-face-active components such as a resistive overlay or infrared transmitter/receivers as the active sensing array is embedded behind a pure glass panel, which may be tempered or laminated for additional impact performance and have various treatments applied to improve optics if necessary. This unique ability of PCT allows touch functions to continue even if the surface is severely scratched, dirty or wet.

Depending on configuration, touch can be sensed from behind a panel up to 20mm thick, allowing use in previously impossible locations such as behind shop windows. Furthermore, the inherently high light transmission of a PCT sensor maximises the performance of displays, enabling use outdoors, for example in self-service kiosks and public information systems. Touch can even be detected if the user is wearing heavy work or surgical gloves.

Other benefits of PCT include high palm rejection, the potential for bezel-free mounting, and the possibility to create display enclosures attaining IP67+ levels of sealing. Zytronic has also recently introduced a proprietary 64-channel touchscreen controller supporting an unparalleled range of form factor displays up to 82 inches in size.

“Together, Lean Logistics Services and Priebe Electronics deliver a combination of sleek logistics and in-depth technical services to support customers from the most powerful OEMs to the most dynamic start-ups,” says Ian Crosby, Zytronic’s sales & marketing director. “As equipment providers increasingly seek touchscreen functionality as a critical success factor, our partnerships with both companies will maximise opportunities for our PCT-based portfolio in the North-West USA region.”