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Over 3 Million Invested in Zypos Touch Sensor Manufacturing Facility

Reduced design-time and automated assembly will benefit designers of cost-sensitive, high-volume touch sensor-based applications

Zytronic, a leading designer and manufacturer of Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™)-based touch sensor products, has announced the completion of a £3 million plus investment in a new manufacturing facility, dedicated to the manufacture of its new ZYPOS touch sensor product. In light of the increasing demand for high-volume, cost-critical, PCT-based touch sensor applications, Zytronic’s investment significantly strengthens its manufacturing operations to address global market requirements.

The new 1,850m² facility is adjacent to the company’s headquarters in Blaydon, near Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK and includes a 625m² clean room manufacturing area. Zytronic has two existing manufacturing facilities at this same location, enabling the company to draw on its highly skilled designers, engineers and other specialists currently employed there.

The initial production line now installed in the new facility will enable the company to produce approximately 250,000 PCT-based touch sensors per annum. Zytronic will invest in two more lines as demand increases, raising the production capacity to three quarters of a million units a year.

ZYPOS is based on the same technology employed in the company’s award-winning and highly durable ‘flagship’ touch sensor product, ZYTOUCH®. In recognition of designers requiring the durability and low-maintenance properties of projected capacitive technology sensing in high-volume, increasing cost-sensitive applications, Zytronic developed the ZYPOS product line, which was further complemented by the migration of all of the touch sensor processing electronics into a self-contained remotely sited controller. This controller is based around a microprocessor, which generates simple XY co-ordinates that can be used without the need to write high-level application drivers.

The combination of this less complex sensor construction and remotely sited electronics has facilitated a significant reduction in unit cost and easier integration for customers.

To satisfy customer demand for bespoke designs based upon the ZYPOS product line, Zytronic has also introduced the ZYBRID® touch sensor product which will be manufactured in the same facility. ZYBRID is particularly well suited for retail, gaming and public access applications as it can incorporate additional features to suit individual applications, including widescreen formats, multicolour screen printing and a variety of glass thicknesses and treatments.

Commenting on the investment in the new facility, which is already operational, Mark Cambridge, CEO says, “A simplified, more automated manufacturing process and high-volume production requirements, coupled with our need for further high quality manufacturing clean room space, were the factors that drove the development of this new dedicated facility. We are confident that this significant investment will offer our customers a dependable supply of touch sensors and help meet the growing global demand for touch applications. It will also help Zytronic to ensure that its projected capacitive sensors remain at the forefront of touch technology.”