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Public Information Systems Deliver Smarter Experiences with Super-Large ZYBRID® Touchscreens

ZeykoAD, a leading system integrator based in Korea, has selected Zytronic’s ZYBRID touch sensors for a family of next-generation public information systems that deliver user experiences inspired by the latest mobile handsets.

The new touch display systems are being installed in shopping hubs and in passenger concourses in the Seoul underground rail network, and appear similar to a scaled-up smartphone. Users can select from several features via the colour display, which presents touch-sensitive icons in an intuitive, accessible layout. Information available includes local maps, shopping plans and travel timetables, as well as details of restaurants and other facilities. The terminals also provide public Internet access, as well as a VoIP ‘phone handset allowing users to place ‘phone calls by calling up a soft keypad on screen. When not in use the large display is able to present advertising, or other messages, which allows the operator to build extra sources of revenue.

To deliver this dramatic advance in styling and functionality, ZeykoAD sought a highly reliable, rugged touchscreen solution in a 46-inch screen size, that was suited to bezel-free mounting enabling a pure glass, flat fronted design, easy to clean and modern in appearance.

“By providing easy access to local information using durable touch sensor technology and modern smartphone ergonomics, we can help numerous types of providers to enhance delivery of services,” says Jung In Joo, CEO of ZeykoAD. “The super-large bezel-free touchscreen is central to our vision, and our evaluation identified ZYBRID as the best possible solution.” According to Mr Joo, “Only ZYBRID was able to support the desired visual styles, as well as sunlight readability, extremely high resistance to damage - which is critical for an application situated in an unsupervised location - and wipe-clean capability, to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership for the operator.”

ZYBRID achieves high accuracy, durability and readability using Zytronic’s unique Projected CapacitiveTechnology (PCT™). By using micro-fine capacitors deposited in an X-Y grid array and then laminated behind a protective front surface, instead of conventional surface-active components, ZYBRID eases integration, extends operating lifetime, offers high light transmissions and allows extra styling freedoms for designers of touchsensitive equipment. As the sensing array is embedded it is well protected from both accidental and deliberate damage and will continue to operate even if the front panel becomes scratched, thereby offering almost infinite endurance in normal use. In addition, Zytronic’s new, advanced 64-channel touchscreen controller assures optimum response for large format and widescreen panels.

Zytronic’s award-winning PCT touch sensors are used in numerous applications worldwide, including security, banking and high-reliability environments as well as retail, industrial and medical applications. “We supported ZeykoAD with our Korean representative, PCTronix providing technical and integration assistance,” explains Ian Crosby, sales and marketing director of Zytronic. “As the most robust and flexible touchscreen in terms of screen size, and customisation options such as zero-bezel mounting, ZYBRID wasclearly the preferred solution. We are delighted to have been able to help ZeykoAD deliver the next- generation of convenient, easy-to-use public information systems.”