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Quester Tangent Awards Zytronic with Supplier Excellence Award

Zytronic are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a Supplier Excellence Award from Canadian client, Quester Tangent, recognizing the company’s outstanding performance in 2014 based on quality, on-time delivery and customer service.

Quester Tangent is a leading North American supplier of train electronics and software solutions for the passenger rail and locomotive industries, and provides products and services to more than 40 countries world-wide. Zytronic’s award winning projective capacitive touch products have been designed into Quester Tangent’s new Fault Indication and Monitoring System, which is retro fitted into existing driver consoles. For more information, please visit:

“This is an excellent achievement for Zytronic, the relationship with Quester Tangent less than two years old and it is very gratifying that our efforts have been recognized in such a relatively short space of time. This award is testament to the hard work of our entire team” Commented Zytronic Sales and Marketing Director, Ian Crosby.