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Quixant Ltd. to Show ZYBRID® Touchscreen at the International Gaming Expo 2009

14 January 2009

Amongst the products that Quixant Ltd. will be showing at this year’s International Gaming Expo (IGE) at Earls Court, is a 22-inch widescreen touchscreen featuring Zytronic’s projected capacitive technology (PCT™)-based ZYBRID® touch sensor. ZYBRID® is ultra-tough, cost-effective and drift-free and is particularly well-suited to gaming, public information kiosks, digital signage and other applications which are used in demanding and unsupervised environments.

ZYBRID® is fully customisable and allows designers to deploy touchscreens with displays ranging from just 5.5 inches to 82 inches. The touch sensors may also be enhanced by a wide variety of integrated optional features such as printed borders and optical filters. Zytronic’s patented PCT™ is achieved by embedding an array of capacitors within a multi-glass or plastic layered laminated screen. The fine 10-micron diameter capacitors are near-invisible on the powered display and do not impair brightness or the visibility of the underlying system, which is particularly important for applications such as table top games, for example. PCT™ is also drift-free which eliminates the need for touchscreen recalibration during the display lifetime.

Unlike other capacitive systems where the operator touches the conducting surface of the sensing panel, the active component of Zytronic’s PCT™ sensing element is embedded within the body of the laminate, ensuring long life and stability and protection against any damage. With an inert, pure glass front, PCT™ offers high resistance to chemicals and can be sealed into a unit and cleaned normally, making it particularly well-suited to demanding gaming locations such as arcades, bars, clubs, casinos, cruise liners and public houses, where touch sensing applications are often susceptible to scratching, marking and drink and food spills with subsequent aggressive cleaning.

“It is absolutely critical that touchscreens used in gaming applications are able to withstand everyday wear and tear and will continue to operate even if they may have been scratched by jewellery or had sticky drinks spilt on them,” says Gary Mullins, Sales Director at Quixant Ltd. He continues, “Game operators are constantly looking to maximise the amount of revenue from their systems, and every minute of downtime due to a non functioning touchscreen represents lost profit. Quixant Ltd. designs all of its products in-house from the ground up and we use only the most technically and commercially advanced products to match the growing needs of the world’s leading gaming manufacturers. Our design team recognises the many features that ZYBRID® offers such as high reliability, accuracy and rapid response times and that it is a perfect complement to our high-spec products. We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand so that they may see for themselves.”