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SID Display Week 2011 – Zytronic demonstrates its versatile portfolio of projected capacitive touch sensing solutions

Innovative touch sensor manufacturer Zytronic will use the upcoming Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week exhibition, held in Los Angeles from 15th to 20th May, to showcase its latest product developments.

Visitors to the Zytronic booth will be able to see the company's latest industrial and public use touchscreen solutions in action. These will include a collection of four displays with ZYBRID® / ZYPOS® touch sensors applied, each one demonstrating a different capability of the company's proprietary Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™): its powerful through-glass performance; its ability to be combined with a variety of materials (such as mirrored glass) to enable the creation of truly unique interactive surfaces; the capability of the new ZXY100 controller to define multiple interactive zones on a single screen, such as a keyboard, short-cut buttons and a dynamic drag-and-drop area; and the possibility of optical bonding a PCT™ sensor to a display to improve the readability both off-axis and in strong sunlight (permitting use in even the most extreme of outdoor settings).

A 50" (127cm) ZYPROFILM® touch sensor on a flexible substrate with a 128-channel ZXY100 touch controller will also be featured demonstrating the scalability of the technology. This sensor can be rolled up for transportation purposes then mounted quickly and easily on to the rear of a rigid transparent surface (such as a shop front window). It can be applied to curved surfaces as well as flat ones, allowing utilization in a greater breadth of possible applications. The high performance touch controller offers high level accuracy and responsiveness, as well as having the capacity to support dual touch operation and gesture recognition, thereby enhancing the user experience.

Also on stand there will be an oval, screen printed 26" (660.4 mm) ZYBRID® touchscreen with a 64-channel version of the ZXY100 controller providing an example of both the degree of sensor customization possible and the improved speed, accuracy and dual touch capability of the latest controller.

Notably, Zytronic will also use the event to debut its new PCT™ touch sensor solution based on Indium-Tin-Oxide (ITO) technology. Available for higher volume, small size applications such as industrial grade telematics systems, ruggedized handheld devices and home appliances incorporating touch, this new generation sensor will augment Zytronic's existing product line-up and will provide customers with even greater flexibility when developing higher volume applications.