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‘Smart’ Set Up Software Now Available From Zytronic

Integration of projective capacitive touchscreens made easier through new auto diagnostic software

In order to help make the setting up of its single/dual PCT™ and multi-touch MPCT™ touchscreen solutions as straightforward and time efficient as possible, Zytronic has now introduced a user-friendly software package. The new, ZyConfigTM smart set-up tool introduces a simple to follow sequential approach which walks the touchscreen integrator through the installation process step by step, so that optimal performance is ensured from the outset and time-consuming errors and support calls are avoided. It will initially support users of Zytronic’s ZXY200 multi-touch controller, with support being extended to users of the singe/dual touch ZXY100 controller in the coming months.

Once started, the software quickly guides the user through a series of clear set-up stages. Firstly the ZyConfig™ software automatically scans touchscreen and controller to check integrity and stability of the system on a number of factors, such as system noise levels, controller and sensor operation. These checked criteria are shown as a ’pass’, ‘warning’ or ‘fail’, depending on their condition. This auto-check is an invaluable diagnostic tool for engineers and technicians integrating the touchscreens to an LCD display.

Integration of projective capacitive touchscreens made easier through new auto d

The next step involves a basic set up routine where the user touches defined points displayed on the screen. This optimises the touchscreen controller sensitivity settings, detecting ambient EMI and adjusting the “noise” filters to suit, and determining appropriate responsiveness to an applied touch without the need for the user to manually set any complex parameters. Finally, a simple touch calibration follows to ensure the controller coordinates are mapped corrected to the LCD image on the screen. At this point, the set-up is effectively complete, and should have taken less than a couple of minutes to carry out. For those wanting final verification of the touchscreen function, a test page is also available. This allows the operative to test the touch functionality is working correctly.

As well as supporting Window® 7 and Window® 8, ZyConfigTM can also be installed for use with the later Linux operating system kernels. Exactly the same look and feel has been given to the graphical user interface across all these platforms, so there are no issues arising if engineers familiar with one suddenly have to move to other operating systems. The ZyConfigTM package is completely free and available to download from the Zytronic website now at our Touchscreen Driver Download Section.

“This purpose-built software offering enables fully automatic modification of touch controller settings, resulting in substantial time savings and heightened convenience for our customer base. Its benefits are clear even for single implementations, but it will be especially valuable if settings need to be applied to many thousands of units coming off a production line,” states Dr Andrew Morrison, Technical Director at Zytronic. “Touchscreen installations can be up and running far more rapidly and the risk of any mistakes occurring that might impact on system performance can be eliminated. Using ZyConfigTM individuals who are less experienced at touchscreen deployment can avoid being exposed to technical overload, but, at the same time, there is also provision for more seasoned engineers to manually adjust the settings if they wish too.”

The ZyConfigTM software is currently offered in English only.  Additional built-in language support including French, German, Italian, Japanese, simplified Chinese, South Korean and Spanish will become available at a later time.