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Sunvision Technology Sets the Scene With PCT™-Based Interactive Touch Tables

Sunvision Technology, a Taiwanese advanced user interface specialist, has begun using Zytronic’s Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™)-based ZYPOS and ZYBRID touch sensors in its Touch Table products. The forward thinking system design, combined with an intuitive interactive user interface, will take information access to a whole new level.

The Touch Table offering (which can be specified with either a standard 17” ZYPOS sensor, or a custom 32” ZYBRID sensor) comprises up to four different information screens, and is designed for use in a wide range of applications, including educational, commercial and municipal (serving as a conference table, student study terminal, hotel/fitness centre check-in, or shop counter, for example). Thanks to the technology that has been integrated into it, the table is transformed into a fully functional, touch-based HMI (Human Machine Interface), thus saving space that would normally be needed to carry computing hardware. A finger can be used to operate the touch screen and navigate through the information being displayed, rather than having to depend on a keyboard and mouse, leading to more intuitive operation. High level security mechanisms based on RFID, fingerprint, or palm vein recognition devices can also be integrated into the table.

Unlike other touch screen technologies, the active component of Zytronic’s proprietary Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™) sensing element comprises an array of closely spaced micro-fine capacitors, arranged as an XY grid. These are almost invisible when viewed against a powered display, and do not impair the brightness or visibility of the underlying system, which is an important requirement for table-top applications. Furthermore, the sensing matrix is embedded safely behind the durable front panel, thereby offering unparalleled durability and protection against any damage such as drink or chemical spills, dust, dirt and accidental damage. As PCT touch sensors can be readily designed to eliminate a frame or bezel, Sunvision has been able to create an interactive table with a smooth, clear, pure glass surface that is both extremely tough and easy to wipe clean.

Ian Crosby, Zytronic’s Sales and Marketing Director explains, “By integrating our ZYPOS and ZYBRID touch sensors in the Touch Table’s design, Sunvsion can be confident that its customers will benefit from the driftfree operation, accuracy and fast response times that PCT offers. We are delighted to have involvement in this exciting project. It’s another major endorsement of Zytronic’s PCT, showing the value of this technology in allowing ultra-high performance, flexible and attractive touch-enabled products to be developed.”

With the availability of the touch controller output protocol, plus support for the full range of Windows operating systems, CE and Linux, ZYPOS and ZYBRID both allow developers to easily integrate the sensor into the specific end user application. They can provide an accuracy of 1mm and response times of approximately 10ms. In addition, they operate across a broad temperature range from -35ºC through to +70ºC and, compared to many other touch technologies, have a very high light transmission. ZYBRID is fully customisable, to meet the specific needs of the client, with sensor areas spanning from 5.5 up to 82 inches being available.

“Engaging with Zytronic has allowed us to circumvent the intrinsic downfalls of touch sensing technologies offered by other vendors, enabling us to produce highly reliable and dependable products to address the rapidly growing and increasingly diverse HMI sector,” states Morgan Wen, marketing director at Sunvision. “Using ZYPOS and ZYBRID has allowed us to attain the accuracy and durability we needed for the Touch Table to be a success, while not having to compromise in any way on the overall aesthetic of the product. Since these Zytronic sensors can detect touch through a toughened glass overlay, our customers are assured that the table also has a more prolonged operating lifespan than could have been expected with any alternative touch screen solution on the market,” he concludes.