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The winning touch – Zytronic elevated user interaction with design innovation at this year’s G2E

In the ever-evolving world of technology, Zytronic again took centre stage at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2023, unveiling a range of cutting-edge features that are set to redefine user interaction and design aesthetics in the gaming industry. During the show, Zytronic (stand: 1335) showcased its floating button technologies on a true round high-brightness LCD interactive table demo unit and two button decks, each with an interactive stretched display.

Zytronic's 23.6-inch true round high-brightness LCD interactive table demo unit was more than just a piece of technology, as the uniquely shaped multitouch sensor glass surface was fully customised. This design wais shaped to incorporate four independent player areas, each with its own transparent floating and invisibility-powered mechanical bash button.


“Beyond gaming, the true potential of this interactive table shines through with its on-screen application,” said Dr Andrew Morrison, Technical Director, Zytronic. “The round interactive display and bash buttons aren’t just for gaming; they can also be used to browse and order beverages via on-screen menus.” This multifunctionality ensures that the table serves as a versatile and practical solution on the casino floor. To add an extra layer of sophistication and ambience, this interactive table features an illuminated base, providing an inviting and captivating visual experience.

The first button deck demo unit shown featured a 19.4-inch high-brightness stretched display with a full multitouch-enabled sensor interface. Its transparent glass surround truly set this unit apart, which creates a unique and never-before-seen floating button deck.

The fully transparent and touch-interactive raised glass bash button, accompanied by a perimeter joggle wheel, was not only visually striking but engineered for durability. Its laminated raised structure had no moving parts to create a fully sealed interactive button and joggle wheel with no wear-out mechanism that is fully resistant to liquid spillages.

The showcase unit with polished edge glass boasted an illuminated perimeter LED array, which created an ambient halo glow around the button deck perimeter. Zytronic’s forward-thinking approach extends to user convenience with a floating inductive phone charging area.

On Zytronic’s second button deck demo unit, the 19.4-inch stretched display boasted a full multitouch-enabled sensor interface with a unique white rather than bland black print with a hexagon fades graphic print surround, adding sophistication to the design. What set this button deck apart was the floating mechanical bash button mounted directly within the active area of the display and touchscreen while still maintaining full touch capability around the floating button.

The bash button operating fully independently of the touch sensor and had an incorporated and addressable RGB halo LED ring. As Dr Andrew Morrison explained: “It was not a mere stick-on button but a transparently powered and fully data-addressable mechanically fitted button component. Meaning the button’s operation can be tracked and logged separately, offering new user engagement and data collection possibilities.”

Zytronic also showed a diverse array of processed glass and sensor designs. These designs showcased the company's depth of expertise and in-house capabilities in touch-sensing technology and custom glass designs. Custom glass printing allowed for intricate patterns, graphics, and branding, making it an excellent choice for the gaming industry, which prioritises visual aesthetics. Zytronic's ingenuity shined through in its glass surface carving capabilities to create tactile joggle-wheel buttons and sliders that offer users a tactile and responsive touch experience.

Zytronic’s showcase was a glimpse into the future of interactive displays, where touch and design seamlessly merge to create user experiences that are visually captivating and highly engaging. Zytronic's dedication to innovation ensures that the world of touch sensing and custom glass designs will continue to evolve, opening doors to new possibilities across the gaming sector.

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